Nuki APIs

Apps URL Scheme The <a href="">URL Scheme</a> offers simple methods to interact with the Nuki App on an iOS or Android smartphone in order to perform tasks like deeplinking to a specific Smart Lock or passing over invite codes. Bridge HTTP-API The <a href="">Bridge API</a> offers simple endpoints to list all available Nuki Smart Locks,<br> retrieve their current lock state and perform lock operations.<br> When using the Nuki Software Bridge, all configuration is done inside the Nuki Bridge App instead<br> of the Nuki App. Web API By using the <a href="">Nuki Web</a> and the <a href="">Nuki Web API</a> you can control the Smart Lock directly via the web. Bluetooth API <a href="">Bluetooth-API</a> documentation contains a description of the Bluetooth protocol used by the Nuki Smart Lock, the encryption functions in use and some communication examples.
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