Nuki 3.0 API, does it have the bridge API?

Hi, does the Nuki 3.0 have the bridge API? if not, what is the local http API for the Nuki 3.0?


And is the API the same? Asking because of my Homebridge Plugin.


More importantly, does it finally include all the functionality that SHOULD be local but was implemented in the Nuki Cloud instead? (Adding users, PIN codes etc)
I want my promised local management without requiring an internet connection please.

Answers to your questions are provided here:

It there will be one it is quite unlikely that it will be HTTP. Can’t share more information for the time being.

The bridge (and thus the bridge HTTP-API) does not have administrative access to the Smart Lock. User management is an administrative task and was never planned to be part of the HTTP-API.

Hi Jürgen, thanks for answering. The problem is, I’ve written about this before and I’ve contacted support without ever getting a satisfying reply. I’ve bought this lock way back, specifically for the possibilities for LOCAL administration for which I was told by Nuki to purchase the Bridge to provide local network API without cloud functionality (as my lock is not connected to the internet). It makes no sense to allow external factors (like your cloud) to have admin access and limit that admin access locally. From a security standpoint that’s the wrong way around. I don’t care if it’s in the HTTP-API of the bridge or directly into the lock, as long as I can administer my lock from my own network without internet connection.
For years I’m waiting to finally get access to my lock and to be able to use it, I would even consider upgrading to 3.0 IF it is finally fixed. For now, I have a dumb lock on my doors with all kinds of accesories that can’t be used for hundreds of euro’s.

Lets not continue the discussion here to avoid hijacking this thread, I’m always open to working towards a solution, but after all these years I’m quite sick of waiting for functionality that was promised to be there and I’ve paid for it, but never got it! Also close to the point where I’m so fed up that you can take the lock back and give me my money back.


It does work with the Bridge API, but commands like lock and unlock don’t work so far since Smartlock 3.0 comes with the new undocumented deviceType 4.

@Juergen could you update the bridge API documentation? Was this the only change? And what devicetype is the door including the lock?

I am on that. Will keep you updated when its available.


@benzman81 I just updated the Bridge API documentation:

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