Does the new Smart Lock 4.0 Pro support MQTT?

Hello everyone,

from the recent announcement, it’s not clear if the new 4.0 Pro Nuki does supports MQTT ? does it ?

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Yes it does.

Initially only the Pro via WiFi, but once the remote access via Thread will be made available (through a firmware update in 2024) it should also be possible to use MQTT with the standard lock and the pro should be able to use an existing Thread connection instead of WiFi, which saves battery life and generally increases the reliability of the IP connection.


but could i run in parrallel ? or Matter through WiFi ?

Matter is always done via Thread.

MQTT runs via WiFi, but if there is an IP connection avialable via Thread to the MQTT server, the Smart Lock will use Thread instead.

Yes, Matter & MQTT (& the Nuki Apps) can be used and run in parallel.


thank you

that means older locks will never receive Matter update on WiFi then ?


And does this Wi-Fi connection still depend on cloud server connections?

Isn’t it contradictory with the fact that you said in another post that Matter requires much compute power ?

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In the current implementation yes, but with the update to Matter 1.2 and remote access via Thread for Nuki Apps & Services this dependency will go away (also for WiFi only connections without Matter/Thread). In order to anticipate your next question: This is for 4th generation devices only. We can’t say anything about 3rd gen devices yet.

No, these are different things: Matter needs more ressources (mainly flash, ram) because of the size of the Matter software stack. Thread needs less energy than WiFi because the standard itself is made for low power, low bandwith devices (max. ~100kbit/s) and specifically supports usage scenarios where devices are “sleepy”.


For Nuki Specifically?
Because in the matter FAQ, I read the following:

Matter natively supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Thread

Which implies Thread is considered different as Wi-Fi, so I am not sure to understand when you say Matter is always done via Thread.

And by reading this FAQ, I don’t understand what could prevent E.G. the smart lock 3.0 pro to be compatible with Matter, except, of course, a choice from Nuki or storage space for the Matter software itself.

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