Bridge API: Door sensor?


(Jorden Chamid) #1

Will the bridge API return the door sensor state as well? If so, could you update the documentation to reflect this?

(Stephan Lendl) #2

The update for the bridge api will unfortunately take some time, but we will keep you posted here with all the news and details.

(Jens I.) #3


thanks for confirming but would be also interesting to have some ETA. :wink:
I have already plenty of ideas I can do with this little but so important information.
Lovely Product Managers, can you just bump it up on the backlog?


(Stephan Lendl) #4

:grin: I fear this won’t help. :wink:

I’m sorry, but I still can’t give an ETA. But i’m looking forward to your ideas what to build with it. :grinning:

(Jens I.) #5

First of all I would go ahead and create an Push Message alert if the Door is open too long. Meaning someone left it open withour knowing / intending to do so.

Additionally a camera could be activ activated based on this information, to verify what is going on.

Technically you could also do something where the lock reports locked, but the door reports open state. This means something went wrong on locking it and / or possible intruder. Maybe only the lock felt down on the floor, but this would be good to know as well.

Basically I believe every function or status/sensor should be readable/exposed by the APIs. For example a state change from locked to unlock causes some ligths to be turned on during special daytimes. This being a good automation without needing to use geo information.

(Torsten Blindert) #6

Any update on this? I’m also looking forward for this update