Battery charge state stuck

I have a Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro with battery pack, firmware 3.6.9., connected wia MQTT to Home Assistant 2023.08.1.

I noticed a few times already the following issue:
The battery sensor in HA works correctly for a few days, then it gets stuck and the % never changes.
For example last time I saw the issue I had charged the battery pack to 100%. The sensor updated correctly for a while and then got stuck to 83%.
After that, oddly, when I connected locally to the lock with the app on my Android phone the battery showed “charging”.
Only removing the battery and restarting the Lock the battery updated to 74%

I hope someone can shed some light.

Same setup here and the battery meter looks useless. Not just in Home Assistant but also the NUKI app shows strange values. After a full charge it showed 84% and dropped to 66% after the first unlock.

Also “Battery Charging” property shows “Not Charging” status during it is on a charger.

also had very strange battery status, e.g. it wouldn’t change despite of charching.
What seemed to fix it for me, was deactivating “automatic detection of battery type(?)” and selecting Nuki Power Pack as energy source.

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Have just installed 3.0 Pro and my battery is also performing unusually, currently got a support request going. However I too have Auto battery type set (it was showing power pack correctly) so have changed it to explicitly select the pro pack and will see how that goes. My issues seem to be battery jumping up and down and when I charged out of lock it only got to 73% even though charge lights had stopped flashing, using HA via MQTT to monitor state, but have validated levels in app also. Here is what I have seen in the first 4 days since installing.

Same here - battery depletes gradually and then crashed from 50% to empty with a single unlock operation !!! Got locked outside home :frowning:
Battery type is set correctly to battery pack.

Is this a reporting problem? Calculation problem? Battery HW problem?

It looks like a hardware issue if it did not work anymore and you did not get a warning before (i.e. fell quickly from 50% to 0%). In this case please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).

If you have battery type set to “Power Pack” and you only get 73% after a full charge, there might be a hardware issue with the pack. Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).

When it crashed it was “officially” to 17%. It kept trying to open but couldn’t get enough power.

Thanks for the reply, I have gone through the support process and supplied my diagnostic battery readings but support did not comment on any issues with that, it seems to have stopped “jumping” when I changed the battery type setting from “Auto” to “Nuki Power Pack” explicitly, even though Auto seemed to picking up the right type (as suggested by Sebastian above). Support also suggested this change. So I’ll try another full charge out of device and see what happens.

Some parts of the automatic battery detection can only be done under load. i.e. after a startup it could be “Alkali” and become “PowerPack” once you start locking the door. A PowerPack with Alkali settings will never go up to 100%.