Problems with HTTP Callback


im new here. I have a Nuki 2 (2.4.3) and a Bridge (2.2.9). The HTTP Api is working.

I try to get it to work with OpenHAB. I can control my lock from there but it seams, that, if the state change from anywhere else than OH the callback URL is not working. I seems that the Bridge don’t send anything and I’m also not able to get the log of the bridge (http…/log?token…).

I tried for hours so i would be happy for any help to get it work.

Iv you need more Information, please let me know…


Unfortunately the /log command is still not working for v 2.2.9
Callbacks should work as intended though. Feel free to PM me your setup and I can take a look if I see any problem which could cause this.


thanks for the fast replay. How Can i send you my Setup?

The Callback URL is local to my openhab Server, both in the same subnet (16), at the moment, the bride shows connected but din’t answer to Calls (Curl and Browser).

HTTP API is turned on, HomeKit is turned Off.

After “restart” the bridge answers to curl.

After restart of Openhab, the states will be updated.

If i call the Callback Url directly from Browser , i have a “error” in my log.

Pleas let me know if you need more Information. We can also talk german if you want?

How can i send a PM?

I will contact you with a PM.

Hi Stephan,

i`m in the same situation as Sebastian.
Since 1 days i have a new Nuki 2.0 Combo, connect to a Openhab2.
I can lock and unlock from openhab,
but the states shows only when i lock or unlock from openhab and only in that moment.

Please let me know what i can do.
The reason to choose Nuki was only the compatibility to openhab.

Thank you


I’m in contact with Stephan about this problem and i guess i found the reason. When we find a solution, i will let you know.


Hi Sebastian,

i think i found the solution for our problem.
I cancel the things (bridge and smartlock) in PaperUI and uninstall also the binding.
Then restart openhab and install the binding as known,
but as NukiID you have to use the Hexadecimal find in the connection tab in the Nuki App on smartphone.

Now the states update every 10 seconds in Openhab.
When you lock/unlock from Nuki App can see only state 1 and 3.
When you lock/unlock from Openhab, you see also the states 2 and 4.

The only thing i missing is the state of the “door open” sensor.
Maybe someone can explain me how access this information with openhab?


Hello Micheal,

Thank you very much for that! i just changed Lock ID and it works!

Thanks a lot @Miguel for sharing your findings!

Internet is great. You saved me hours. It is just enough to replace the ID. No uninstall required. I did not found it in the app iOS but you get it as JSON Name with this command:
{“bridgeType”: 1, “ids”: {“hardwareId”: 000000000, “serverId”: 000000000}, “versions”: {“firmwareVersion”: “1.17.1”, “wifiFirmwareVersion”: “1.2.0”}, “uptime”: 1906, “currentTime”: “2020-10-23T07:08:01+00:00”, “serverConnected”: true, “scanResults”: [{“deviceType”: 0, “nukiId”: 12345678, “name”: “Nuki_AB12DEEF”, “rssi”: -77, “paired”: true}]}

After the “name” the AB12DEEF is the key you need

You’re welcome!

I spend many hours to find the solution :dizzy_face: