API error 423 Locked

Hello there,

I’ve got a SL 3 Pro without problems for 4 month now which is integrated on Home Assistant (without bridge).
Today, my SL3 Pro decide to not answer to HA requests. In the log I can see some errors like:

Http response for https://api.nuki.io/smartlock/xxxxx/action: 423 Locked

The Nuki works well with the Nuki app near the door (in Bluetooth I guess).

Do you have idea of what happens and what means this 423 Locked code ? I can found nothing on the documentation.

EDIT: the SL works fine with the Web Nuki also. Is this a Home Assistant problem ? I don’t put any update recently.

Thank you in advance.

Does anyone have an idea of what happens ?
I’ve got no more my SL3P no more working with my Home Assistant. It is still working with the Nuki app.

Today the SL3P seems to work intermittently.
I have go the Web Nuki, and I see that the Lock was disconnected (hors ligne in French).
After a while it becames connected and it works normally.

Do you think, it is an API problem (server side) or a network error on my side ?
Capture d’écran 2022-11-06 à 08.55.05

Here is what I see in the app when this happens:

Si my conclusions are the following and I really wish to have someone who can confirm or not this:

  1. Wifi is unstable on the SL3P. The Wifi connection is regurlarly lost and SL3P is not visible by Cloud servers,
  2. when this happens requests to SL3P are stuck for a certain amount of time into Nuki servers (maybe there is some retries ?),
  3. if another request arrive during this retries, then the server replies a HTTP 423 Locked.

This is not the root cause of the SL3P not working but just a symptom that the SL3P is not reachable by Nuki Server.

The root cause is that Wifi on Nuki is loosing connection regularly for a certain time.

I guess this is not the case of my home Wifi because, I’ve got many others Wifi equipments which are all reachable without issues.

Can someone, please confirm that diagnostic.

Any idea ?

This is not correct as a general broad statement. The Nuki Smart Lock is battery driven and therefore has to be more careful with (battery consuming) WiFi reconnects and might be less aggressive with reconnects than other wifi products, that you are used too. This can result in longer offline periods if your network turns out to be unstable. This is highly individual as every setup is a bit different, but the Nuki team is actively trying to include feedback into the firmware in order to further stabilize it. Therefore please make sure that you are on the latest firmware.

There are no retries.

Many thanks you for your answer.
What is very curious is that it have been worked as a charm during 6 month and since a few days, it is always down. I do not change nothing on my wifi.

Each time I look it is down:
Capture d’écran 2022-11-09 à 17.57.57

And If i interact with the Nuki in bluetooth mode, the reconnection is done and SL3P works as expected for a certain time.

It is likely that SL3P goes to sleep and have to be waken up for reconnection (with bluetooth or whatever).

I will try to wake-up manually.

This can result in longer offline periods if your network turns out to be unstable
Have you more information on this ? How long is reconnection period typically ?

Turning manually the button to lock/unlock, wake up the SL3P which is now connected.

Manual interactions initiate an immediate Wifi reconnect. Make sure that you use at least firmware 3.4.10 as it increases WiFi stability a lot (esp. over 3.4.9).

I’m already in 3.4.10 firmware release.

Oooh I see that firmware have been update this night automatically. Maybe I will experience some improvements.
This morning the SL3P was up.

Hello, with the 3.4.10 firmware, the wifi is more stable.
I did not experience unconnect anymore this 4 days. This is a really great thing. Thank you for your valuable advice.

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