Extend Nuki Bridge API

Hello NUKI team,

I followed the progress made with the Nuki Web API, especially with the Webhooks extension.

Lately, we get more and more requests of users to get more information from there Nuki devices (Smartlocks, Openers, recently for the keypad).

Unfortunately, for a Smart Home the Webhooks API is too insecure and complicated to implement, especially for Open Source developers like we are (LoxBerry NUKI Plugin to provide Loxone Integration).
As open source developers, we cannot provide and continuously operate and secure a cloud server to manage hundreds of users.
On the other way, for decentrally used Webhooks, we do not want users to open their networks that Nuki servers can operate. This would be irresponsible to desire this (most users are not it engineers or network experts).

To come to the point:
Please implement more information to the Bridge API Callback.
Or, if the MQTT protocol is still considered, implement more information to the publishes.
The Bridge currently holds more information as the Callback returns.
For example, the Trigger (system, manual, button,…) and IDs of the trigger (App-ID/Bridge-ID/FobID).
Furthermore, the Webhooks provide callbacks for log entries (e.g. wrong code on the keypad), that is not pushed by the Nuki Bridge.
Also user information when the Smartlock is operated, got requested several times.

It would be very helpful, when the Bridge in the local network also could push that information that the Nuki Cloud Webhooks do.

Smarthomes should not depend on Cloud infrastructure.

Best regards,