IFTTT integration stop to function

Hi guys,
I use Nuki smartlock 2 with HUB integrated with IFTTT from about 1 year and half, but suddenly from 4 days it stop to works. I try all the possible solutions:
-make new appllet
-relink the service to ifttt
-Also link nuki service to another IFTTT account.

It works for 2-5 minutes and then every time I trigger the service with different input (widget button, google assistant commans, etc) the applet fails to run due to an error in the NUKI module…the error that I receive reports:
Action failure message
There was a problem running the action.

Thanks to anyone that can help me with this annoying problem.

Others reported problems with the IFTTT integration as well (Nuki-Opener ifttt service and other services not usable one time!?). We are already looking into it. We will report back here, when we have further informations to share.

Nothing works. The IFTTT Thingy doesn’t work, the geofencing and auto unlock with iOS doesn’t work, the App itself can’t connect to the locks, when not in bluetooth range… I can’t even activate my opener via Nuki App. It’s a complete shitshow.

I made it work with Home Assistant and the HTTP Bridge API over the local Wifi.

Same problem, but have already contacted the support a while ago, and like Jürgen wrote, they look already into it, and I reported this also to ifttt, and they also let me know, they are looking together with nuki, into this issues already! Hopefully they find the issues and can solve them!?

Same issue for me. Keep getting email about it’s been disconnected. I reconnect and then some hours later it’s disconnected again

Today I received another time the mail notification by IFTTT that nuki service was disconnected. I connect it again.

The other functionalities, like nuki web, http and so on are still working.

Just to add to the list here, I’m experiencing the same issue. I’ve had three emails over a three day period (each time, I re connected ifttt to Nuki) notifying me that Nuki was offline. Glad it’s being looked into.


We were now able to fix an underlying problem today, but monitoring and testing is still ongoing. You could try to reconnect again and forward me applet version IDs with then still remaining/re-occuring issues as PM sowe can check logs for those.

Still getting the disconnect email (got on 20:43 Copenhagen time today)

@Svenning Could you send me the Nuki web account used to connect as PM so we can take another look at it?

In my case I can confirm, all works so far like it should! Its one day now, fully functioning and no drop outs, and that was never the case for me until now! I really hope, it keeps that way! Of course, I will report further! Thanks!

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Unfortunately it stopped working 20 minutes ago, after lasting 16 hours.


Same here. Nuki applets started failing 3-4 days ago and stopped them and created new one because i thought it was my fault but after i connect it back and check is ok, as soon as the trigger is enabled for the applet to run (door unlocked) then it fails and the email comes that nuki is offline to reconnect it.

My nuki ifttt applets had been working flawlessly for a couple of years now.

Please help me to sort this out.

PS. I disconnected the service and tried from scratch but new applet with same trigger (unlock) and action (which is not the problem as trigger fails before that point) but same behavior with applet failing.

Hello! Unfortunately I can also confirm that the nuki services for ifttt have again stopped to work after a day!? But it is better, and lasts longer now, also for getting it to work again, no more refreshing of the connection or login necessary anymore, I have just to open the ifttt app and open one of the related Applets, then it works again!

Thanks for the updates.
We are still working on that issue as refresh tokens fail which can lead to disconnects, as you experienced.

Had the same Problem. After reconnecting the Service I had to go to all my Applets which uses Nuki because all Doors were blanked out. After reconnecting the doors as well it seems to be working again.

Perhaps it’s usefull for somebody.

Cheers and merry xMas!

Yes, please definitly also recheck the Applet details after reconnecting. - Especially if it was off for some time, or last connection was before our fix from 21.12.

Reconnected… made also new applets…but after 10-20 minutes that I reconnect the service, all the applets didn’t work.

Do you use the same email address for nuki-web and ifttt? If not I strongly recommend, to use just the same! - I had the same issues, as I used two different email addresses for both accounts!