Web API suddenly stops working

I am trying to use Nuki Web API in order to control the smartlock via my custom mobile application.
It works fine and i am able to setup PIN to the keypad and lock/unlock(or open) smart lock without any problem.

While everything seems to work fine i have identified that at some point the web API stops working and smartlock appear as “no access” in Nuki web. The only way to recover it via the Nuki mobile app, where i need to navigate at Manage my devices → Smart Lock → Features & Configuration → Nuki Web.

After that eveything works fine again.
Is there any limitation on the Nuki Web API or i should frequently access the above menu to confirmation of web access?

Thank you in advance for any support or reply.


Hello Christos,

Some questions to look into this issue:

  • What is the time duration at which you observed this behaviour? Is it after a few days or weeks or months?

  • Which token did you use to connect to the Web API? Manually generated token or OAuth 2?

  • What is the exact error message that you receive?

Hello Poonam,

I have not identified any specific pattern on when the “no access” error occurred. It may work fine for days and in another case the problem may occurred after some hours.

The token i am using is manually generated.

When smartlock is in “no access” the web APi does not work and the status code to the request is 204 but it does not actual work.
In more details i am trying to setup a PIN for the keypad that is configured for this smartlock. In case the smartlock is in “no access” then i get a responce 204 but the pin has not been configured.
I can confirm that either by the nuki web or by using the endpoint to fetch the PIN where i see that previous configured PIN is not included.

When i use the API and smartlock is in “no access” i am facing this error message in the web nuki although the status code to the response is 204.

The only way to restore communication with the smartlock is via the Nuki mobile app as described in my initial message. Navigate at Manage my devices → Smart Lock → Features & Configuration → Nuki Web.
Then everything works fine again.

Please have in mind that this is really important for us since we are trying to integrate Nuki smartlock to our application (HotelUP) and we cannot suggest our customers to use it until this problem is fixed.

Thank you for the support!

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Which endpoint are you using to set the PIN for the keypad?


i am using method PUT in endpoint ‘https://api.nuki.io/smartlock/’ . $DEVICEID . ‘/auth’,

and this is an example of the body of the request.

‘name’ => ‘PIN_NAME’,
‘type’ => 13,
‘code’ => PIN,
‘allowedFromDate’ => [DATE_FROM],
‘allowedUntilDate’ => [DATE_TO],
“allowedWeekDays” => 127,
“allowedFromTime” => 0,
“allowedUntilTime” => 0,

In most of the cases it works fine, except from the case that smartlock goes to status “no access”.

Also i have identified that in some cases i am not able to delete some PINs even from the Nuki Web.

Thank you.

Hi Poonam,

do you have any news on the issue reported above? It seems that the problem still exist and happens more often.
Also is there any support email that i can contact for the integration of Nuki to our system?

Thank you,

Hi Christos,

The issue seems to occur because the PIN is not generated or deleted. Could you please contact support as it seems to be an issue specific to you?
Details here: https://support.nuki.io/

Hi Poonam.

I am really disappointing with this situation and the support of Nuki.
Since i didn’t get any to the point reply that would solve my problem i tried the online chat which also advice me to sent an email to support, which is what i did.
We had some emails[visitor 53076324] exchange that confirmed the problem i was reporting was already known to the team.
Then i was adviced to update the smart lock to beta firmware, but the problem still exist.
After that i send 3 emails asking for any news on the problem but unfortunately no reply back.

As i have stated from the beginning we are a company that we try to ingrate smart locks to our solution.
I have also asked for the correct contact person in order to discuss the B2B integration but also no reply back.

Could you please confirm if anyone is looking at our issue or we should check for other alternatives?

Best Regards,

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Hi Christos,

Could you please confirm if “no access” is appearing only when creating PIN?

When you try to create a code, you would get 204 response as the request is received from our servers. The code may or may not be created, and sometimes takes upto a few seconds to create. So you may use the GET endpoint to validate if the code was created.

You could also check if the serverstate = 0 (OK) to ensure that you are connected to the server.
The different possible values are: serverState (int): The server state: 0 … ok, 1 … unregistered, 2 … auth uuid invalid, 3 … auth invalid, 4 … offline

Another alternative would be to use the advance API endpoint which are returning webhooks for asynchronous processes. We recommend this for creating PINs (codes). Could you please try this method? More details here: Nuki Developers

Hi Poonam,

thank you for your reply.
The smartlock appear as “no access” (check my screenshot in post above) suddenly. It is not related to either pin creation of lock/unlock action. It works fine and at some point smartlock appear as “no access”.
Also this has nothing to do with network access, since when i remove smart lock network access it appear as “offline”.

Regarding the confirmation of PIN creation, we follow exactly this procedure. We check the available PINs after creation, so no need to use webhooks for confirmation of PIN creation.

Could you please tell us what “no access” status of smart lock represents? What could the root cause be of this behaviors of the smart lock?

Hi Christos,

I found another post that may be helpful. I wrote the info below for your quick reference:

'“no access” is an issue with the authorization of Nuki Web on the device.
This normally happens if the access rights of the Nuki Web authorization have been restricted.
In your screenshot, I can see the app user as “Nuki Web ()” whereas, normally it is represented as “Nuki Web”.

Did you update, modify or delete the app user Nuki Web?

The only way to resolve this is to renew the authorization by deleting from Nuki Web and connecting via the app again, which you are currently doing.

Let me know if you are modifying the Nuki Web user created by the app. If not, please DM your Smart Lock ID (do not share it here) so that we can check the users in the database. Thanks.

Hi Poonam,

no, i have not modified the Nuki Web user after the first configuration of the device.
The Smart Lock ID will be shared now via DM. Thank you.

Ok, then I suspect something is wrong with the Nuki Web user, because this is not the same for you.

Thanks for sharing the SL ID, meanwhile, try to reset the Web account and try to connect it again from the scratch. We will get back to you in sometime. Appreciate your patience.

Ok , i reset and connect everything from scratch. Thank you

After some tests and the provided hints it is clear that the problem was generated due a fault in our code.

After we fix it works as expected.
Thank you for the support and sorry for the inconvenience.

The issue was deleting the “Nuki Web” user accidentally instead of deleting a PIN.
Closing the thread as this is nothing to do with the Web API not working.