Smart Lock WiFi/Thread/MQTT connection troubleshooting / FAQ

Q: My Smart Lock (3.0 / 4th Generation) is having issues with the stability of the WiFi / MQTT connection - What can I do?

Most WIFi and MQTT related problems origin from the power saving that the Nuki Smart Locks have to apply and use in order to achieve a certain lifetime based on the 4xAA batteries while being fully connected and online.

Therefore, most of the issues do not rely only on the Nuki Smart Lock but also on the given network infrastructure and settings. To check if generally a stable connection is possible we suggest to adapt the WiFi power saving of the Nuki Smart Lock and observe the stability.

With the recent firmware you can change the aggressiveness of the WiFi power saving by setting Smart Lock > Settings > Features & Configuration > Battery > Energy-saving mode to β€œFAST”. This will deactivate all power saving options and should provide you the best possible user experience while also draining the most power from the batteries.

If this works out nicely, you can then set the Energy-saving mode to β€œMEDIUM” to get the stability and power drain more into balance.

If you do not have problems anymore set it back to β€œAUTOMATIC”, which will use an automatic mechanism to balance between stability and power consumption. This is the standard setting and usually the best choice.

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Q: How does the Smart Lock (4th Generation) switch between WiFi and Matter? Is there any option in the Nuki App to enforce one path?

The current mechanic (FW 4.2.x) is as following:
If Matter & WiFi are both enabled, the Smart Lock evaluates while it boots if it can get online via Thread. If the remote access connection via Thread is not available within 60s it uses WiFi.
If it is on Thread and Thread becomes unavailable it does not automatically switch back to WiFi.
The Thread connection is only available as soon as the Smart Lock is paired to a Matter hub, it is not planned to support Matter via WiFi.

  • You can force to always connect via WiFi by turning off Remote Access via Thread via the Matter settings in the Nuki App.
  • You can force to always connect via Thread by turning off WiFi via the Nuki App.
  • You can disable any attempts to connect to Nuki servers by turning off WiFi and Remote Access via Thread via the Matter settings in the Nuki App.