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About feature requests [Feature requests] (3)

Use our feature request form to give as as much information as possible to understand your ideas and needs for a new feature. Before suggesting a new feature always check if somebody else already had the same idea. Or m…

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Vote for your favorite feature requests. Every user has only 5 votes at a time. (Note: New users only get 1 vote for a start. Experienced users will be granted more votes later on.) While we can’t guarantee that every i…

TLS encryption and POST request for HTTP API [Feature requests] (1)
User Authentication and Autorization for HTTP-API [Feature requests] (1)
Battery Life Status display and/or Notification [Feature requests] (5)
Limit smart locks in Watch-Apps to favorites [Feature requests] (1)
Show useful information in Auto-Unlock Notification [Feature requests] (1)
Make user management more consistent [Feature requests] (4)
Allow pasting Passwords [Feature requests] (5)
Allow to fill 2FA code using copy&paste [Feature requests] (4)
Make Nuki Fob a BTLE beacon [Feature requests] (1)
Auto-Lock when last user leaves the house/geofence [Feature requests] (6)
Make Nuki on Apple Watch a real app [Feature requests] (1)
Manually activate auto-Unlock feature [Feature requests] (2)
Auto unlock custom timeframe [Feature requests] (3)
Cancel Auto-Unlock if the door is manually opened [Feature requests] (1)
[iOS] Langage Chooser Setting [Feature requests] (1)
Bluetooth auto enable [Feature requests] (2)
SOLVED: Apple Watch: Door sensor [Planned] (3)
Limit keyturn during calibration of door opening sensor [Feature requests] (5)
Keypad: Notification of Wrong code attempts (bridge needed) [Feature requests] (3)
Homekit Türsensor [Feature requests] (3)
Set auto lock timer with door sensor [Feature requests] (1)
Limit lock action types accessible through Bridge HTTP API [Feature requests] (1)
Group NUKI Locks as One Virtual Lock [Feature requests] (3)
Nuki 2.0: Signal strength based “nearby fence” (My "Issue" with Auto Unlock) [Feature requests] (7)
Swipe Actions in Apple watch app [Feature requests] (1)
Keypad integration into Airbnb workflow [Planned] (3)
Custom email template invite [Feature requests] (3)
Add user to bridge HTTP API notifications [Feature requests] (8)