Web API get invite code

Product name



The ability to get an invitation code from the API after user creation.


An endpoint on the API to get an invitation code associated with a newly created user.
That would need to come with an option on the user creation endpoint to disable automatic invitation sending from Nuki.


To send the invitation link using a custom email template for instance.


Custom email template
Auto resend invitation after a few hours if not used yet

I would like to pick this up and also suggest this feature (or a related feature) to be available in Nuki Web.

I invited around 50 users a few days ago - some will “forget” to accept their invitations in time. It would be nice if we could:
a) Show invitation status in Nuki Web.
b) Send an automatic reminder shortly before expiration.
c) Allow admins to re-send invitations if not accepted in time. (Right now I delete and then re-add authorizations, which always triggers two separate mails - is there a better solution already?)