Calibrate lock remotely

Product name

Nuki Lock 2.0 / 3.0


Currently, in order to calibrate the lock, it’s necessary to be within Bluetooth range, which, at least in my case, is not practical.


Be possible to calibrate the lock remotely, without the need to be within Bluethooth range.


I own/operate an apartment where I rent rooms (long stay) and sometimes I get error messages that the lock motor is blocked. To solve this problem, Nuki recommends that a lock calibration must be performed.

However, not always I’m close to the lock to run it and, since it’s not possible to run a calibration currently is necessary to be within Bluetooth range of the lock, I can’t perform it.

I know that, in order to perform the calibration, the door must be opened but I can ask a tenant to open it and I could run the calibration with his/her help. Running calibration being outside lock’s Bluetooth range would prevent the need to go to the place where it’s installed just for that.


With the help of someone close to the door - to open it - run the calibration process.

The app could first try to connect to the lock using Bluetooth and, when the app discovers that it’s not close to the lock, ask the user if he/she wants to calibrate it remotely, warning that to do so it’s necessary to have someone close to the door to assist the calibration process (basically opening and watching the process).