Feature Request - Apple ‌iOS 15‌ HomeKit / Home Keys in Apple Wallet feature

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock


Apple new ‌iOS 15 includes a‌ new Home Keys feature where a digital key for HomeKit-enabled door locks can be stored in Apple Wallet (on iPhone and Apple Watch) and easily shared:


HomeKit-enabled door locks that support ‌iOS 15‌’s new Home Keys feature can store a digital key in the Wallet app.

Reason/ Examples

Allows easier sharing of digital keys eg. with guests, cleaners etc without them needing to download the Nuki app.

Avoids reliance on the Nuki app, eg. if the app is broken you can still open the door with the Apple Wallet.

Hi @Juergen. Although I submitted this as a future request, it is my understanding that for locks such as Nuki that are already HomeKit compatible, it should be relatively easy for Nuki to enable Keys in Apple Wallet.

Please could you respond and confirm whether Nuki will be enabling this functionality?

There is another thread about HomeKeys with more information:

Because of confidentiality we can‘t answer more questions about it for the time beeing.

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Hi @Juergen
Do you have any update to share on enabling HomeKeys functionality?
(Understand if what you can share is limited).

Any news regarding HomeKeys? Will it be possible to use this with the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0?