SL3 Pro: do not disconnect Wifi when Nuki Cloud is unreachable, breaking local MQTT and other protocols

Product name

Smart Lock 3.0 Pro


Nuki SL 3.0 Pro should not disconnect Wifi when Nuki Cloud is unreachable, as this will break local connection (local API, MQTT, etc).


Do not disconnect the Wifi due to unreachable Cloud Servers


Nuki SL 3.0 Pro is “health checking” the Wifi by connecting to the Nuki Cloud servers. If the Nuki Cloud Servers are not reachable, for example because:

  • there is a problem with the local Internet Connection
  • there is a problem with the Nuki Cloud
  • Internet Access is not allowed for the nuki device (firewalled or airgapped).

More details in the discussion:

This is a long solved problem in the Nuki bridge by pinging the default gateway:


I would like to use the Nuki SL 3.0 Pro with a local MQTT broker and a local Home Asssistant instance, even though:

  • my internet is down
  • my internet is flapping
  • the Nuki Cloud is unreachable for whatever reason not related to my configuration
  • my firewall does not allow access to the Nuki Cloud

Thank you for the consideration!

This is more a bug than a feature request. Mqtt and local conectivity must work without internet connection.


That’s what I said, but Nuki disagrees.

Considering that for the price of a SL 3.0 Pro you can get a SL 3.0 + Bridge and spend less money, while at the same time not having to deal with this bug and the increased battery consumption due to Wifi, the 3.0 Pro does not make sense for me.

I have therefor returned the 3.0 Pro and will look for other solutions (3.0 + Bridge or even better 3.0 + the ESP32 solution).