Allow grouping devices on the app

Product name

NUKI APP (Both iOS and Android)


I would like to be able to create a group/folder of smart locks on the app so I could use the phone for unlocking my house without fear of miss clicking one of my apartment’s smart locks. Would be cooler to make the fav group (“Home” in the example) bigger than the rest as would be the most used in the following example:

  • Home
  1. Smart Lock
  2. Opener
  • Apartments
  1. Apartment 1
  2. Opener 1
  3. Apartment 2
  4. Opener 2


Be able to create groups/folders on the Nuki App to manage different smart locks/openers from different apartments.

Making bigger/more visible the group/folder with most priority would be a plus. (So in this case priority/mark as favourite should be also a feature)


  • Better organization

  • Mitigation of miss-clicking and opening wrong apartment remotelly.


I currently manage 2 properties with Nuki and I also own a Nuki Smart Lock at home. I use the NUKI app for all of them. I manage remotelly the keypad codes for the rental apartments + once accessing them from time to time.

However I use really frequently the unlock throught the app for my Home smart lock… I feel it’s really easy to miss-click another apartment smartlock.