Allow remote calibration

Nuki all


Allow the remote calibration of a lock.


I put a Nuki at my mothers door. The Nuki lost its calibration, for whatever reason ? There is the respective error message in the App. And the NUKI is blinking like hell.
My mother lives 100 km away and is not able to calibrate the NUKI herself. Also it is too complicated for her to remove the battery pack. Put some questions on top of “Are you really sure ?” etc. to avoid accident activation of the calibration.


How would you like to use this feature?
Get my mother on the phone, ask her to open the door, and do the calibration remotely.

List all usecases you can think of :slight_smile:
The NUKI looses its calibration, and there is nobody in the area with the NUKI App.

Durin calibration, the app asks to open the door before calibration (the picture shows a wide open door). remote calibration (that I find useful) could not replicate that. Am I missing something?

At the moment you have to stand before the door to calibrate. As I wrote, my mother is living 100 km away. The NUKI lost its calibration. Reason not known. NUKI not working. I could ask my mother, while we are both on the phone, to open the door. And then I would like to do the calibration from 100 km away via the gateway. Without valid calibration NUKI does not work.
So : Somebody opens the door, and the other one on the phone does the calibration remotely. The calibration itself is too complicated to be performed by my mother.
Worst case : calibration fails, because door is not open. No problem, as NUKI is not working anyway, because calibration was lost before.