Manual activation and deactivation of the Night Mode

Product name

Nuki SmartLock 2.0


Manual activation and deactivation of Night Mode with API Requests


Activate Night Mode with manual requests from a PLC like Loxone and exposing this over the HTTP-API


In Loxone we activate Night mode with a logical setup. It means we can do that over a time shedule or a touch or a logical request.


When all goes to bed we activate Night Mode automatically and NUKI will be going automatically to Night Mode.
When we wake up the Nuki Key can be automatically turned to nightmode off.
When we leave the house we can automatically put Nuki to Nightmode to save energy

I’d also like to have an option to enable/disable the night mode dynamically from my home automation system via HTTP-API. The static settings are to inflexible for me.

Alternatively it would be useful to be able to enable/disable energy saving mode via HTTP-API and have an option to choose how many times the key is turned during locking. Then you could simulate the night mode with those functions.

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I’d also like to have this option to manually activate or deactive the night option from my Domotica system (OpenHAB). This also to solves an open issue with my alarm system. If my alarm system is armed, and for example I park my car, sometimes the door is unlocked too early resulting in my alarm system starting the countdown to enter PIN.

So I would like to disable auto unlock when my alarm system is armed. This could be achieved via domotica system.

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