Smart Lock Firmware 2.7.x/1.9.x Beta

We prepared new firmware beta versions 2.7.0 and 1.9.0.

They contain no relevant changes for all users who have updated to the latest public versions 2.6.3/1.8.1.
It just helps us to distinguish Beta firmware user feedbackby a simple look at the version number.


Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.1

  • Perform position fix on any blocked motor event
  • Fixes repeated Auto Lock

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.3

  • Fixes a bug which could have lead to lost authorizations

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.4

  • Fixes battery warnings triggered too early for alkaline batteries.

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.5

  • Changes the way how some Smart Door sensor based features work
  • Door sensor stability improvements
  • Position measurement stability improvements

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.6

  • Door sensor stability improvements & bugfixes
  • Position measurement stability improvements

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.7

  • Bluetooth speed & reliability improvements
  • Fixes a bug that could have caused the Smart Lock to become unresponsive

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.8

  • Door Sensor: Reverted Lock’n’Go behavior, added immediate lock option to Auto-Lock and added door ajar warning. See Smart Lock 2.0 Door Sensor in 2.7.x Beta for more details. WARNING: Because of the added features, new (not yet released) Android or iOS Betas are required to change Auto-Lock settings and activate door ajar warnings.
  • Fixed too high standby power consumption in 2.7.7 beta.
  • Further Bluetooth speed & reliability improvements
  • Bugfixes & reliability improvements.
  • Known issues:
    The flag “Auto-Unlock disabled” in Night Mode disables Auto-Unlock the full day. As workaround till the next beta firmware update is released, please deactivate the “Reject Auto Unlock” flag in Night Mode. If you do not use Night Mode, activate it, disable the “Reject Auto Unlock” function and deactivate Night Mode again.

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.9

  • Fixed HomeKit pairing problem with some Smart Locks
  • Fixed Auto-Unlock rejected problem
  • Several other minor bugfixes & improvements

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.10

  • New motor control parameters. Significantly improves battery life for all battery types.
    NOTE: If the battery type is set to “Manual” & “Alkaline” the old parameters are used. This allows to return to the old parameters at any time during the beta phase.

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.11

  • Improved bluetooth connectivity. Added support for multiple concurrent connections when HomeKit is enabled
  • Fixed a bug that caused auto lock actions with very short motor movements
  • Several other bugfixes and performance improvements

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.12

  • Improved motor control with weak batteries
  • Several minor bugfixes

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.13

  • Performance improvements
  • Several minor bugfixes

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.20

  • Several minor bugfixes
  • Final beta !

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.21

  • Enhanced HomeKit lock/unlock/unlatch behavior
  • Performance Improvements
  • Several minor bugfixes

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.22

  • Adapted Advertising Intervals to improve Auto Unlock behavior with Android phones
  • Improved clutch parameters to secure the proper disengagement of the clutch
  • Minor bugfixes

Smart Lock 2.0 Beta 2.7.23

  • Minor bugfix

Smart Lock 1.0 Beta 1.9.1

  • Improved Bluetooth speed
  • Added ability to set Auto-Lock time even when it’s not enabled
  • Several minor bugfixes

Smart Lock 1.0 Beta 1.9.2

  • Adapted advertising intervals and integration for boost mode for Nuki Bridges
  • Several minor bugfixes

Smart Lock 1.0 Beta 1.9.3

  • Minor bugfix
  • final Beta-build

Smart Lock 1.0 Beta 1.9.4

  • Adapted advertising intervals
  • Performance improvements and bugfixes

Smart Lock 1.0 Beta 1.9.5

  • Minor bugfix

Smart Lock 1.0 Beta 1.9.6

  • Minor bugfix

2.7.4 Beta Bug or feature?

At the Night mode the Timemode event send Push Notification.
If the Smart Lock is already closed, it still send this Information “that it just closed the Smart Lock”.


I think if it is already closed, no push notification should be sent.

Push notifications are triggered for every activity log entry, so yes, this is a feature.

Auto Unlock don‘t work anymore.

The Screenshot looks like iOS. Which version of the iOS App are you currently using?

iOS 13.3 Beta. It is the same with iOS 13.2

Best send a log-file with a short description of the problem and the exact time when it occured to our support team at, so they can check the details of what happend.

Same here! Push is fine but Nuki still tries to lock the door even if it‘s closed and locked.

Does the motor turn or do you only get the activity log entry?
Is there a difference if you locked manual or with the button last time before?

Yes, the motor turns or better tries to.
Don‘t know if there‘s a difference because I normaly don‘t lock it manualy. I‘m using the button. Will keep this in my mind and lock the door manualy tonight.

Yes, same! The Auto Lock doesn‘t care of the door is locked automaticaly or manual.

Locked manually a hour before and with Timecontrol fort night mode the motor tries to lock again. Firmware 2.7.4

I am on 2.7.4 and the motor makes the typical block sound. If is doing it after several lock/unlock. Shouldn’t it make a “Perform position fix on any blocked motor event”?

In the video you can hear (and see) that the motor is trying to overturn. You also hear that the door is not fully unlocked. Could be fixed by manually unlocking and then locking again. This is also the cause for the problem I explained that someone can get locked out with the FOB (with a bit less turning the door cannot be opened).


Hi Mike,

At 00:06 the lock makes a clicking sound but the motor seems to be able to turn even further.
Is that clicking sound coming from the cylinder?
Are you using a knob adapter?


It’s the cylinder when snapping in.

For this video the lock is already re-calibrated so its not turning too much anymore.

The “turning too much” happens when the lock was locked/unlocked manually via the key and it lost track of the position.

What has changed in Beta 2.7.7?

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Original post with the changelog has now been updated.

Bluetooth transfer speed increased quite a lot, which is especially noticeable when more data is transmitted (e.g. when opening the Activity Log).