Smart Lock 2.0 Door Sensor in 2.7.x Beta

Smart Lock 2.0 Firmware 2.7.5 Beta contains changes to the door sensor, which improve the reliability of the door sensor.

Next to that also some functions that rely on the door sensor have been changed:

  • Lock’n’go:
    New: Does now lock the door X seconds after the door has been closed. X = Lock’n’Go Timeout configured in the app. Lock’n’go is stopped after 60s without any action, if the door has not been closed.
    Old: The door was locked 2s after the door has been closed or X seconds after it has been unlocked.
    Update: With firmware 2.7.8 the old Lock’n’Go behavior has been restored.

  • Auto-Lock:
    New: Auto-Lock locks the door when it has been unlocked and closed for X seconds. X = Auto-Lock Timeout configured in the app.
    Old: Auto-Lock locked the door 2s after it was closed or X seconds after it has been unlocked.
    Update: With firmware 2.7.8 a new setting “Lock immediately after the door has been closed” has been added. It is activated per default.

  • Dynamic Unlatch Duration (NEW):
    New: When issuing the unlatch command, the latch is released when the door is opened or X seconds after the latch has been retrieved. X = Unlatch duration configured in the App.
    Old: The latch was released X seconds after it has been retrieved.

  • Door ajar warning (NEW since firmware 2.7.8):
    New: When the door has been left open for a certain period of time a warning is written into the activity log of the Smart Lock. It is configurable whether the warning shall be written for locked and unlocked doors and how long the timeout for unlocked doors shall be. Door ajar warnings are off by default.

The new settings in firmware 2.7.8 require the latest beta versions for Android and iOS. Android beta 2.6.5 has been released on 25.2. iOS beta is not yet available. With old App versions Auto-Lock can not be activated or deactivated anymore and door ajar settings can not be altered.

This changes address the following feature requests:


  • Because of the change in the way the smart features mentioned above work, there is no security timeout for Auto-Lock or Lock’n’Go in place anymore. If the door sensor gets jammed or does not report a state change properly, your door might remain unlocked. We remind you that we do no recommend to install beta versions on production systems.
  • The latest Android and iOS beta versions of the App offer additional Auto-Lock timeouts in the Drop-Down which allow you to better tune the feature to your needs.
  • The Lock’n’Go Timeout is changed to 2s when the Door Sensor is activated. This mimics the old behavior of Lock’n’Go with Door Sensor, but is not available as Lock’n’Go Timeout in the current settings.

Please let us know your experiences with the improved door sensor and the changed functionalities here in the forum.


Hi, with this firmware, Auto-lock function with door sensor when I close the door not work.
I have auto lock in 5min but, as soon as I closed the door, the sensor detected the closing and locked it.
Now it works only with the timer set and no longer with the detection by the sensor.
if I set the sensor with the new feature at two seconds of closing, I can’t even open the door that already closes. If I set the sensor with more seconds, I have to wait too long when I go out before I hear the lock closing.

Another problem is that if you set the automatic closing to 2, 5 or 15 seconds through the new feature, the door locks automatically after the time you have set even if you haven’t opened it, therefore not detecting even the opening via sensor .

Moreover, if the automatic closing is set to two seconds when the auto-unlock unlocks the door, you do not have time to open it which has already closed by itself.

Please restore the auto lock function as soon as possible by detecting the sensor because it cannot be used.


It works exactly as described. If you open & close the door, the Auto-Lock counter will be reset and start again. This e.g. means that Auto-Lock will not lock anymore when the door is open and it does allow to set a longer time-period for the ones who wanted to use it in use case where they want to be able to empty the trash before it is relocked again.

But you’re right with the current implementation it’s not possible to immediately lock the door when it has been closed (which was the existing behavior of Auto-Lock with door sensor). We’ll try to add this function in the next beta release.

But in this way it is absolutely not usable. When I get home and the auto-unlock unlocks the door, it locks it even if I don’t open it and, even if the timer is at 15 seconds as the unlock starts from far away and you don’t have time to get to the door. This happens even if the unlock duration is set to 30 sec.
In addition, the function that was removed from the auto lock immediately after closing in the presence of the door sensor is mentioned both in the manual and in the application that quotes: "The auto lock function automatically locks the door if it has been unlocked for a certain period of time When the door sensor is enabled on the smart lock, Nuki locks the door as soon as it is closed. "
So I did not understand why remove it. I purchased Nuki for this very purpose.
At this point I ask you a way to urgently downgrade the firmware to the previous version until you fix the problem.

  1. It’s a the nature of a beta version that things change and sometimes are not fully finished & documented. This is what a beta is for and this is why we have it. If you do not want to have this you should not install it.
  1. There is no way to downgrade. You can only upgrade.

  2. If you want to lock the door after an Auto-Unlock you should use that feature. There is a switch on the 2nd page of the Auto-Unlock settings, which allows to enable it. This setting will issue a Lock’n’Go as Auto-Unlock and therefore use the time-out you configure there. It will also wait until you opened&closed the door before the timer starts to count down.

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I’m a little confused. Should the sensor not work well (which is unfortunately often the case with my setup), right now I have an auto lock set, so the door won’t stay erroneously unlocked for too long. Is this no longer possible now or did I get it wrong? In case I got it right, is there a workaround to force locking after a certain amount of time even if the sensor detects the door as open?

No, you got it right.

Not in the current beta. Which timeout would you like to set here?

Do you use the latest beta firmware and still have problems with the sensor?

This being a safety fallback (in case of malfunctioning), something like 5 or 10 mins would fit my usage pattern.

No, no beta firmware at the moment, since my Nuki is installed in a unit I’m often thousands of kilometers from, so I can’t take the risk.

The problems with the sensor are most likely due to the way the door is made though (the lock is placed quite far from the door edge), rather than being intrinsical to the solution. Whenever I calibrate the sensor everything works fine for a couple days or three, then starts acting up, then goes back to working fine and then acts up again, seemingly depending on temperature changes (the door’s frame is wooden) or micromovements due to people slamming the door. :slight_smile:


I’m also sharing Alessio’s opinion.

Basically it’s a good thing that Nuki doesn’t lock the door if it stands open.

BUT, as Alessio’s has already mentioned, the the sensor still (=after purchasing till now) is not reliable enough to not having a security feature in the backhand that will lock the door reliably even if the sensor does not work correctly. I’m living in a quite new apartment with optimal conditions for the auto lock: a new door, new door frame and the distance between the door and the steel door frame (where the sensor is mounted) is minimal - but nevertheless the sensor has to be re-calibrated regularly after a certain amount of time (mostly 1 time per week).

Thus IMHO we definitely need a security feature that an unlocked door - indepently from the sensor’s signals - in any case it will be locked after a certain period of time (e.g. 20 minutes or so). In other words: For security reasons the door must lock after a certain period of time even if the sensor signals that the door may be still open.

In addition to that, as @gioparmy has stated I also need the feature back that the door locks automatically as soon as the sensor is detecting a closed door - without any delay. I want to hear the motor working when I’ve closed the door and I guess that many customers think so, too. When I’m leaving my home I need the secure feeling that my home is instantly and safely locked.


Very welcomed change for me.

Totaly agree. I do a same, as soon as I close a door I am going down by stairs because of I want to hear that motor safely locked the door. If not I am waiting for a sound of locking for a while or I am going to check what is wrong. Removing an timeout for a lock’n’go an relying on door sensor is not a good step. In my experiences I am also facing to a “door sensor jammed error” several times per a week. I think that my setup of door sensor is ideal but door sensor is not as stable to determine if a door should be locked or not.



Hi, why this function is not implemented again in BETA 2.7.6?
It seems to be important for somebody and was a base function of smart lock.
Do you think to insert it again or will it be lost forever?

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2.7.6 was just about bugfixes & reliability, not about changing functions.

Okay, but I think that removing such an integral security feature of the lock (immediate auto-locking after the door has been closed) without asking the community what they do think about that was not a good thing. I bought that lock primarily for one reason: Automated and reliable auto-locking after the door has been closed. I’ve used a lock of your Danish competitor before. That lock unfortunately had no (immediate) auto-lock feature. Now the Nuki lock unfortunately behaves exactly as the Danish lock. So I’m beginning asking me why I have thrown 280 Euros down the drain.

When I installed the lock the feature worked. Now it has been removed. For me there is no reason why this important feature should be removed permanently. If there are users that demand an auto-locking feature that is locking the door not immediately but only after a certain period - that’s OK for me. But in addition to that I want the immediate auto-locking feature back (on an on/off-basis).

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I totally and absolutely agree with this statement.
It’s the same thing that I wanted to write.
I also had a lock on a competitor and I switched to nuki thanks to the possibility of having this function.

I personally purchased the package with the door sensor (as I also think other users) to be able to use it with this function.


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Main reasons (for me) buying the 2.0 and sell the old one was the door sensor. After reading all these comments I’m not going to update to the new beta since a few weeks.
This is also what you recommended for a productive one. I don’t want to go further with this “feature” :wink:
I use Lock’n Go every time I’m leaving home and want to hear to lock closing my door immediately and it still is one of the best things Nuki does. And I still don’t understand the reason why this should be changes :smiley:

Or am I completely wrong and still don’t understand the change. Thought my English isn’t that bad.

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I’m also having issues with Lock’n’go. The sensor is not reliable. I’ve just installed 2.7.6 and it didn’t improve.

In my humble opinion the security timeout for Lock’n’go is mandatory.

By the way: Can I set up the new Lock’n’go times through the iOS app?

hi, when will this basic function be restored?

Changes to door sensor related functions are scheduled for 2.7.8

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Many thx. Good work

Thank you! Will wait for the changes :slight_smile:
I‘m still with 2.7.4