Door Sensor 1.1.x Beta

Door Sensor Updates

Door Sensor 1.1.0 Beta

  • Bugfix and stability improvements

Door Sensor 1.1.1 Beta

  • Bugfix and stability improvements
  • Adjusted level for detecting critical battery level

Door Sensor 1.1.2 Beta

  • Bugfix and stability improvements
  • Critical fix for lost connection to paired Smart Lock
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Batteries lasts less than 3 months even on this beta.

Original post has been updated with release notes for the Door Sensor Beta 1.1.1.

Please install this latest beta version and share your experience.

I’ll try that and let you know, thank you so much

I have installed Door Sensor FW 1.1.1 Beta with Smart Lock 3.0 Pro FW 3.4.2 Beta and have had it for one week in test.

13 hours after having reinstalled the sensor I get the notification “sensor removed” and after that I get the same notification every 24 hours.

On my door I haven’t found a setting under which this works, so I wonder how have you validated the Alpha?

Please advise what should I try and whether a fix is in sight.

Original post has been updated with release notes for the Door Sensor Beta 1.1.2.

This beta includes a potential bugfix for the issue stated in this thread:

Please install this latest beta version and share your experience.

I’m suffering Nuki Door Sensor removed every 48h or so…

I will try this BETA (and the smart lock one) once I have access to the smart lock again as it’s located on a vacational property.


Smart Lock 3.0 (non pro)
Door Sensor

This morning I’ve got a couple of “open”/“close” messages, 5-6 times till now. Immediately after the open message the close status was present. Between the two cycles were sometimes 10 and sometimes 20mins. But the door was always closed and locked.

Same for me this morning. Lock is on 3.4.5 and Sensor on 1.1.2

many open/close messages with closed and locked door …
I have ordered a new sensor to find out if it is device related …

Hi, I have re-calibrate the sensor with a little bit bigger gap at the “keep the door open with a little gap” step. Since yesterday no new open/close flooding.


Thanks for the hint!
I did a reset and recalibration according to your advice …
The gap is now about 3 cm instead of 1 cm.
A developer from NUKI should comment, which effect this has to the problem of random continuous open/close messages !!!

After gap change no more messages so far!

I installed both smart lock and door sensor latest updates (1.1.2 for sensor and 3.4.5 for smart lock). I’m having random bit consistent “door sensor removed” warnings which I 'eed to fix by unclipping the sensor waiting a few seconds and clipping it back on the frame. At that point it immediately detects a door closed status and keep working for a few hour or sometimes a day or two.

After about two months of usage, the battery of my door sensor died. Replaced the battery and upgraded the door sensor firmware to 1.1.2 the sensor works again, but the battery is directly marked as “critical”.

I am using a Smart Lock 3.0 Pro and the Beta firmware 3.5.0 including the mqtt api. No Bridge.

A second brand new battery shows the same result. Door sensor battery state critical.

Door sensor state critical due to wrong batteries ER14250-3V instead of ER14250-3,6V.

I’m still having issues with the sensor getting randomly “removed”

3.5.2 Beta for the smartlock and 1.1.2 for the sensor

Does it show up in the App as removed (= tampered) or is it “gone” (= unpaired. As if there never was a DS)?

“Nuki door sensor fue retirado” (spanish)

As if it was extracted/removed (and it wasn’t). Same issue I’ve been facing since I bought it. Beta updates improved but def didn’t fix the issue.

Maybe you are affected by this: Nuki 3.0 Door sensor Tamper warning issues

An update on this, I haven’t received the warning again since I made the little pin longer, as was reported in the above link. I stick some little piece of thick tape so that the pin is pushed deeper in the housing when mounted on the wall. It seems the pin is a little on the short side by default ?

I def will try this, thanks!

So far so good @Juergen seems to be fixed.

My door frame is not flat so I guess that was the issue, added a tiny sponge inside the hole of the sensor and makes enough pressure to stay connected

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