Nuki Door Sensor 3.0 not responding after some time

Hi Everyone!

I have a problem with the Nuki Door Sensor (Firmware version: 1.0.17) connected to my Nuki SmartLock 3.0 Pro:
Most of the time the door sensor works well. But after some time (days, weeks after calibration) the door sensor doesn’t respond anymore. In the protocol I can’t see a state change of the sensor anymore. I also managed to activate the debug mode to see additional log messages in the protocol, but also with the debug mode activated, I can’t see further door sensor log messages (Basically I can’t see any debug messages at all). Most of the time a re-calibration fixes this problem, sometimes I have to re-activate the door sensor again.

The re-calibration resp. re-activation process annoys me. Can you please tell my, why the door sensor doesn’t respond anymore? Maybe a bug in the firmware?


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A bug is very unlikely as the door sensor is working very reliable for most users. If a reactivation/-calibration fixes the problem it’s very likely that it is because of your mounting position. Could make sense to reposition the magnet following this guide.

If you continue to have problems, please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for more detailed information. This forum is focused on developer related issues.

Hi Matthias,

did you solve your problem? My Nuki door sensor also stops working after some time and I need to recalibrate or reconnect it. I also have it connected to a 3.0 Pro.

Same experience for me. The door sensor works without any problem for weeks and months but then suddenly just stops for no reason. I usually notice it when the Lock’n’Go doesn’t immediately lock anymore after I close the door.
I really doubt it’s the positioning of the magnet, since I never get false readings etc. I had to pop the battery out of the sensor last time to get it to reconnect again.
Problem occured 3 times since I installed it together with a SL 3.0 in Nov 2021.

I have the same exact issue. After some time I cannot just restart it but have to do the full re-install / calibration again.

I mentioned this already in another post as well. See here.

And also the Lock and Go does not work after closing the door, just after 60 seconds as if one is not using a door sensor at all.

After repositioning my sensor it works like a charm. Thank you.

as mentioned above, it happened now again.

@MattDog_06 Would you mind sharing a picture of the new position of your door sensor please as I am suffering the same issue. Thanks a lot!

My sensor wont even light up with the button depressed. It is not even 6 months so it cannot be battery. anyone else having this problem?

You should still try to put in a new battery. If the problem persists please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).

Hi all,

I have the exact same problem as you and the one who opened this thread described.
I Tried to contact support but until now no solution has been found. I even tried to reposition the door sensor but this didn’t help as well…
Can anyone post pictures of their door sensor location so anyone who faces these problems can verify if indeed this is the issue or it is related to a bug after all?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Matthias,

Can you please send pictures of your door sensor (before and after would probably solve these kind of problems for many users).

Thanks a lot!

Same with me,
after a small check, battery HS after only 2 months of use. frankly not great for an ER14250 battery

Hi @teenet,

Sure, attached you will find the pictures. I put the door sensor on the very top of the door and tried various distances of the sensor and the magnet. Only today I repositioned the door sensor to the top left of the door. I don’t know yet, if it will be any better as usually the issue will appear only after a few days. Hence, I need to test it for some more days to see, if it helped at all.

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Thanks a lot Matthias!
Mine is also positioned on top of the door and yesterday I decided to move the magnet to the left side of the sensor, just below the small mark that the sensor has on it. Really hope it will help because until now I had to deactivate the sensor every few days and then as it again…

You are very welcome @teenet!
Could you please also share some pictures to see, how it looks like? Thanks.
Same here, I also needed to deactivate and active (plus calibrate) the door sensor after some couple of days- so annoying! It just missed to send notifications (such as door closed) and didn’t save it in the protocol either.


I’m kindly asking for some insights on your local setups:

Which Smart Lock 3.0 do you use?
  • Smart Lock 3.0
  • Smart Lock 3.0 Pro

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Do you use an external Nuki Bridge?
  • yes
  • no

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Is Nuki Web activated on your device?
  • yes
  • no

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Do you use Apple Homekit?
  • yes
  • no

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Which other Nuki accessories are part of your ecosystem?
  • Fob
  • Keypad

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Here you go @Diemy
You can see the sensor on the top left side of the door. As I wrote before, I moved the magnet to the left side of the sensor (at the beginning it was in the middle of the sensor). Hopefully this will help.

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Guess what… it happened AGAIN!!!

You can clearly see in the log that the sensor was doing its job until a certain point when it decided not to work anymore.
Of course deactivating it and adding it again solved the problem, but seriously - that’s NOT how things should work!

Any ideas guys?


@teenet Sorry to hear that!

I am still lucky, works well since yesterday morning as I repositioned the door sensor to the left top corner of the door and moved my internet router a bit towards the door - calling this a success is still ridiculous - should work until you need to change the batteries :wink: