Set auto lock timer with door sensor

Product name

Nuki smart lock 2.0


Being able to set auto lock timer with door sensor


Currently when enabled, auto lock with the door sensor, will immediately lock the door when the door is closed. I would like to be able to set how long it takes to do that, i.e. lock the door after two minutes when the door has been closed (and only if the door is still closed).


Some times I go out for a moment and don’t want the door to lock.


Take out the garbage.
Receive a package.
My house has two doors, an external perimeter door (yard) and then the main door with the Nuki Lock, sometimes I am just in the yard and don’t require the auto lock feature to kick in so fast.

I miss this kind of possibility a lot. There could be a 3-presses on the lock’s button to activate programmable time how long the lock stays open. We need to take the carbage on the containers every day, that could take 3 or 5 or 15 minutes. Once my son forgot his phone indoor and could not get back in. I switched off the magnetic sensor from that very day.

I also would like the option to delay auto lock after door sensor detects door closed. I am using a lift handle style door, which actually hides this setting completely. Because it takes a few seconds to secure the door and lift the handle, the immediate lock is a bit quick. Being able to add 10 seconds to allow proper closure and the handle to be lifted would make this perfect.

This feature is already available for Auto-Lock since some time. Delaying the lock operation for lift up handle type doors after the Door Sensor reported closed, is a different thing and could be a standard setting as it affects everyone who has such a door. Please create a separate feature request for it.