Auto-Lock after Auto-Unlock only if door is closed (if door sensor is available)

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0


After an Auto-Unlock event the door should only perform its Auto-Lock action if the door is actually closed. Even better it should wait till the door is actually closed till the Auto-Lock mechanism kicks in.


Prevents unnecessary cycles of door closing and opening which its definitely not needed.


Last time I had the situation where I was carrying my shopping basket into my apartment. Fortunately the Auto-Unlock mechanism kicked in and I didnt have to manually unlock my door.
Unfortunatelly after 5 seconds or so, while the door was wide open, Nuki turned my key back to a locked state.

link to a similar request

To add - it might make sense to couple the latch to the sensor (and include a timeout, just in case the sensor is not working).

So hold the latch open until the door sensor has indicated the door is open, then release the latch.

I’ve had it quite regularly that the latch is opened but I did not open the door in time. Increasing the timer for the latch in the other hand sometimes means that I need to wait for the latch to be released in order to close the door.
So in my opinion it makes sense to also use the sensor for this purpose.