Opener and Golmar Platea Uno

Hi, does anyone know if the Opener works (or can be made to work) with the Golmar Platea UNO? The website says it ‘could be compatible’ and I was going to receive an email, but even after repeated entries into the form, I have received no answer.

I believe it’s a bus-type intercom with black and white video. I found the “Opener with generic intercom” guide and that looks promising, but I would rather have some certainty that it works before I order the opener (even if Nuki takes it back). Not afraid to do some wiring, measuring or soldering.


Hi Maarten. I’m have a similar intercom, the Golmar Platea Plus. It looks like it has the same wiring diagram (see attached pictures.) Very curious as how to connect the Opener to these intercoms. Hope someone of the Nuki team can chime in. I will also open a separate topic especially for the Platea Plus, if they are any different.

Will keep you in the loop of my findings!

Best, Marlon

Same here, have bought the opener and looking for some guidance to connect the Uno model


Here is the manual specifically for the Uno

Saw there is already discussion going on regarding this ask.

Hi Maarten!
I also have a Golmar Platea Uno.
Have you found the way of wiring? I’m still investigating, but without any progress by the moment.
I attach a picture of my installation before any Nuki Opener wiring

If I finally find the way, I’ll write again.

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Hi David!

(also looping in @Juergen Pansy, whose support has been excellent)

I have made some progress, but sadly no working Nuki Opener setup yet with the Platea Uno :frowning:

Here’s what I’ve done:

However, the door downstairs won’t open, no matter what I do. Even in the beta firmware, the Opener does not give any feedback what is happening (e.g. “can’t read from bus”, “incompatible protocol” or whatever). It just asks me if the door opens and that’s it.

Against better judgment, I also tried the wiring instructions in the app (with the yellow and red wire connected to D and the green and red back into the intercom), but that doesn’t work either. Exactly the same (non-)result. In the end, I changed it back to the situation in the diagram mentioned above and lied that ‘yes, the door opened’, just so I could get out of the configuration wizard.

Some pictures:

My intercom, with the Opener not quite attached yet

Original wiring

My wiring. Please excuse my resistor - I ran out of 82 Ohm resistors, so I made one out of a lot of parallel 1k and 1k8 resistors. I’m out of those too now :wink:

I hope the developers can find something, because right now I’m still walking around with keys like someone from the nineteenth century!



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Hi Maarten,

However, the door downstairs won’t open, no matter what I do. Even in the beta firmware, the Opener does not give any feedback what is happening (e.g. “can’t read from bus”, “incompatible protocol” or whatever). It just asks me if the door opens and that’s it.

If this is happening, maybe you chose the wrong profile, because that sounds like the install flow for analog systems! Nevertheless, in addition, there was an error in our profile parameters that has been corrected, so I kindly ask you to try a reconfiguration. Thank you!
Best regards

Hi Georg,

thanks for getting back to me. I tried the 1.3.1 firmware and the flow of operations is definitely different. Unfortunately, the end result is still the same: the door does not open :frowning:

My steps: installed the firmware, reconfigured opener with the Generic->Golmar Plus(Beta) profile. The cabling instructions are still not the ones for the Golmar bus systems (correct?) so I continued to ignore them.
Afterwards, however, the results are still the same: going downstairs, ringing my own doorbell several times, door not opening. I even tried the activation on my own (I believe the door only opens after someone rang the bell, so activation is probably what my apt building has): ringing the bell, sprinting up three floors of stairs, making it to the intercom and pressing the button on time…but nothing :frowning:

Could you share a picture of how you wired the Golmar system in your lab? I’m beginning to think it’s my wiring after all (see pics earlier in this thread).



Maarten, I think the latter what you tried worked for me, I have Golmar Plus with a Tekna.

Just to be sure this is the same and how I got it to work. First, I found out that without any Nuki involvement / original setup, pressing the “Unlock / Open “button on the intercom without having any active call on the intercom, did not open the door.

I reconfigured the Nuki and this time I made sure that my wife rang the bell and we established the normal call via the Intercom. Next, I started the configuration of the opener and whilst the Intercom call with my wife still being active, I pressed the “key opener” on the intercom. Next the doorbell etc. according the process.

This worked for me and all functioning fine now. Hope this can help you.

Hi Maarten,
that is how we connected the Tekna Plus SE to the Opener:

Hi I bought the opener but I read that is not compatible with golmar platea uno, only with platea plus is true ??? Its in develop platea UNO ??? Thanks.


Nobody confirm ? I have to return it to Amazon… Bad Nuki bad…

So I have Nuki set up here at home, but like many in the Netherlands I have a Golmar Platea Uno intercom solution in the apartment building. It seems like the Platea Plus has been confirmed functional, but I can’t quite figure out across the several threads here whether that’s true for the Platea Uno. I’d already messed around trying to figure out how the system works years before coming across the Opener, so I can assist with measurements etc. if needed. Any news on this?

@tha_rami @Tio_Rafiki Golmar Plus intercom system support

Hi @tha_rami, please for vote UNO support here:

Hola David ¡¡ Un Español que habla en Español de España ¡¡ jaaja, estoy de broma, es proque aquí la mayoría son extranjeros… Has podido hacer funcionar el golmar platea one (rcpl-uno). Yo lo tengo pero nada…

Hola Roberto (& David)
Tengo el mismo problema que ustedes. Hace un par de días me puse en contacto con Golmar, y me indicaron que tienen un convertidor de analógico a digital que convierte el Platea Uno en el modelo analógico T-700 de Golmar que está en la lista de los compatibles con Nuki.
Todavía no lo he probado, pero desde Golmar me aseguran que es como tener un modelo analógico. Conversor digital CD-Plus/4N


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Gracias David… El inventito vale 130 eruos… me parece una pasada, vamos, casi prefiero cambiar el modulo del telefonillo, y quitarle la camara, total, la camara no la usamos y no nos llama nadie, con lo que no hay necesidad. Ahora toca a veriguar que modelo es compatible con el sistema de la comunidad de vecinos…

Hola David, al final has podido probar con el convertidor?