Golmar T-740UNO

I have the Golmar t-740UNO

The ideal wiring is this:

For some reason mine has two wires each to the plus and minus:

I wired it according to this diagram

And I set up the app with the Generic Golmar Bus.

And I receive this message:

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I’d appreciate any recommendations. I’m willing to try all options.

I can’t walk properly for the next few months so it’s important to get it functional quickly.

This might be important: when wired up according to the diagram (as in the photos) the doorbell does not ring.

We only get an “engaged” tone when pressing the doorbell from outside.

If I disconnect the nuki itself but keep the nuki wiring connected (including the resistor), it behaves as normal.

I have same model, have you help me to conect to may NUKI OPener??
Tengo el mismo modelo alguien podria guiarme con la conecxion??

I have also the same model, but by looking at the compatibility list it seem that is unsupported.
@OliviaR did you have any success making it work?

@Rafael_Acosta here is the answer: Golmar Plus intercom system support