Golmar Platea Plus

Hi team,

I am trying to install the Nuki Opener on my video intercom Golmar Platea Plus.
As this model is considered as an unknown intercom, I’ve selected “Generic” as a brand and “Analogue” as a model.

I’ve tried to connect every cables as indicated in the basic setup. After having configured the Nuki Opener via the app when I tried to open the door the intercom rings but nothing happens. I checked by trying to open the door but it does not work.

Can you please help me ?

Many thanks


I’m also curious how to connect the Platea Plus. I’ve opened a separate topic with schematics:

How to Golmar Platea Plus

Will attach the schematics here as-well…

  • This is a wiring scheme from the Golmar Tekna Plus intercom, but it seems similar to the Golmar Platea Plus*
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Hey Marlon,

Yes, quite similar indeed.

We have not tested Golmar systems yet, but they appear to be bus systems. Most likely you need to connect BLACK to - (on the intercom) and RED to (D digital communication on the intercom). Select Generic Bus and reconfigure the Opener.


HI Jürgen, I’ve tried to connect the BLACK to - and RED to D. But if I try to setup my Opener in the app I get the error “The installation of your intercom system does not compy with the standard.” (…) “Try Again.”

I’ve then tried both the suggested wiring from the app: Black to B+ (D?) and RED, ORANGE & GREEN to B- (-?). Or the other way around. Still getting the same error.

Any suggestions?

Thank you Jürgen. As Marlon I tried your configuration and I get the same error : “The installation of your intercom system does not comply with the standard”.

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I do have the same issue with my Golmar T-940 Plus. Connections are the same.

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Looks like you’ll have to wait until we got one of the Golmar systems in our lab and had a closer look at them.

If one of you has electronics skills & equipment (multimeter, oscilloscope), we might be able to speed things up. -> Please contact me via PM.

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I was wondering if you might have a tip as Golmar systems are in your database already.

The ones in our database are all analogues systems. Everything posted here (Platea Plus, T-940, …) is bus based.

Sure I understand. Posted the manual in the T-940 Plus thread.
If there is anything I could try and give feedback, let me know.

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Hi Jürgen, thanks for thinking along. What kind of measurements would you need? I’m not currently in the possession of the right tools, but maybe I can fix something…?
Love to help finding a fix :slight_smile:

Best, Marlon


Tried that with the T-940 Plus - same result!

Hi, is there any update on this please?


Status is the same as for the T-940 Plus: Nuki Opener | Golmar T-940 Plus

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Hi Juergen. Exciting to know you have Golmar intercoms under investigation! Do you also have the Platea in your labs? Is there a time indication for a fix? Would love to start using my Opener :slight_smile: Can we help in anyway as a community? Best, Marlon (from my first acc I can access all of a sudden again :P)

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Here’s the English version of the connections

Hopefully this can help.

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Hi Nuki team product,

Do you have any update about Golmar compatibility ?

Thank you


Hi Nuki team,

I am also a Golmar Platea Plus owner and i’m very interested in the Nuki opener. There are many people in my building (150+) that would also be interested in purchasing this product.

Attached is my cabling situation.


any news ? I’m interesting in buy a nuki opener and I have a golmar platea.


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