Golmar Plus intercom system support

Hi, yes this should be correct.

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So far I’ve been getting the X saying that I should try an alternative combination. Will try it again though. Unless you’ve heard of this before…

Just sent you a PM

Hey Georg
Can you pleave give me some advice
I have a Golmar platea uno and make all wiring as told with resistor .
Then i go into configuration and all go well till the part that you need to go press the doorbell. when u press the doorbel outside it gives the sound of interrupted like someone is in line. Also the Platea have a buton that when u press it turns camera on and when the opener is conected the camara dont start the only way to put the camera on is removing the opener from cable.
Can u please help me im getting crazy…

Here is a picture of setup . the resistor is isolated just put that so u can see. Also my negative slot dont have any wire from the instalation just the one of opener and in many pictures i see the have one wire there from instalation.

So after some more investigation i found is the purple wire while in D that prevents the video and the door bell from work. If i remove the purple wire from D and put it in other socket ( i check them all ) the intercom works but then the app dont let you go further in setup saying the wires are not correct…
Some help pls guys

Hi Ricardo,
unfortunately, the opener is currently not compatible with the Golmar Uno. The profile only matches Golmar Plus systems.

Thx for the help Georg

So just to be sure, the yellow, green and orange cable don’t need to be connected right? Also at one post I saw a confirmation to use 82ohm 0.5W resistor and in another a 82ohm with 0.25W. Which one is it or do both of them just work?

Nevermind, got it working. I used the 82Ohm 0.5W resistor and the yellow, green and orange cable don’t need to be connected.

Hi, its in develop ??? To work with golmar platea UNO ???

Hi George,

Is there any way I can help expedite compatibility for the Golmar Uno models? Could I send you a unit, or otherwise help in any way?

When you said currently, it means is It in your roadmap for future releases?

@Georg_S do you expect to support Golmar UNO models?

Which known Golmar Plus models are supported? Because the Golmar T-540 UNO is also listed as a Plus model. https://www.golmar.es/products/plus

I have the TEKNA V2PLUS. I tried it with the wiring diagram provided. But it’s still not working (Opener, Firmware: 1.6.2 Beta).

Anybody having the golden answer?

Hi Georg,

My Platea Plus monitor 11758802 is wired similarly to Ricardo’s. Based on Golmar documentation, this system is referred to as a 3-wire coax - positive (+), audio communication (A) and digital communication (D) with the coaxial cable for video.

Could you confirm that the Golmar Plus tests for Opener has only been based on the video door entry system without coaxial cable - 4 wires with twisted pair system? This would really save a lot of people investing in a Nuki setup only to find that although the monitor is listed as compatible that they also need to consider the intercom wiring system of their building.

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as long as it is a Golmar Plus System it should work, no matter if it is wired via twisted pair or coaxial cable. If there is no intercom wire connected to “-”, but a coaxial cable instead, the shielding of the coaxial cable should be used.

Hi Bart,

Seems that you have the same intercom as we have.

I didn’t buy the opener yet but did you manage to get it working?

No unfortunately not…

Hi Georg, is there any update on how to make TEKNA V2PLUS work? Would love to add opener next to the smart lock and bridge