Nuki Opener firmware - beta release notes

Important Notes:

  1. In case you have a functioning setup, we do not recommend installing new beta versions. Beta versions are sometimes used to address and test certain intercom issues that may be inappropriate for others. Please also note that beta users will be removed from the beta after a certain period of time (usually 1 month).
  2. In case you have problems completing the configuration, doorbell recognition or electric strike actuation of your Nuki Opener, you must perform a reconfiguration (Administration > Configure Opener) after installing a new beta firmware for the changes to take effect.

Nuki Opener FW 1.10.1 beta release 18.01.2023

  • Performance improvements
  • Added new error code to avoid unlock operations in case the batteries are too weak

Nuki Opener FW 1.10.0 beta release 06.12.2022

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.9.4 beta release 24.11.2022

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.9.3 beta release 10.10.2022

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.9.2 beta release 19.09.2022

  • Performance improvements
  • Re-enabled the direct Fob-pairing

Nuki Opener FW 1.9.1 beta release 05.09.2022

Nuki Opener FW 1.9.0 beta release 01.09.2022

Nuki Opener FW 1.8.1 beta release 13.05.2022

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.8.0 beta release 14.04.2022

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.7.3 beta release 18.01.2022

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.7.2 beta release 02.12.2021

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.7.1 beta release 10.06.2021

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.7.0 beta release 04.05.2021

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.6.3 beta release 26.11.2020

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.6.2 beta release 17.11.2020

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.6.1 beta release 12.11.2020

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.6.0 beta release 21.10.2020

  • Performance improvements

Nuki Opener FW 1.5.3 beta release 17.09.2020

  • Minor bugfixes

Nuki Opener FW 1.5.2 beta release 04.09.2020

  • Handling of Keypad Battery Notifications
    (can currently only be tested with the Bridge API for Bridge Firmware 2.7.0/1.17.1) and with the Keypad Firmware 1.7.0
  • Minor bugfixes

Nuki Opener FW 1.5.1 beta release 22.07.2020

  • Minor bugfix

Nuki Opener FW 1.5.0 beta release 21.07.2020

  • Performance improvements
  • Several minor bugfixes

Nuki Opener FW 1.4.6 beta release 01.07.2020

  • Sound improvements
  • Minor adaption of the Fermax VDS/ADS profile

Nuki Opener FW 1.4.5 beta release 10.06.2020

  • Improved doorbell recognition for digital intercoms
  • Adapted Advertising Intervals to improve Auto Unlock behavior with Android phones
  • Sound improvements
  • Minor bugfixes

Nuki Opener FW 1.4.3 beta release 04.05.2020

  • Improved reaction time for bridge call backs and push notifications
  • Several minor bugfixes
  • final Beta-build

Nuki Opener FW 1.4.2 beta release 24.03.2020

  • improvements for Siedle In-Home BUS systems
  • improved doorbell recognition for Fermax VDS/ADS systems

Nuki Opener FW 1.4.1 beta release 12.03.2020

  • fixed “Unknown Error” Bug visible in log entries in Nuki Web

Nuki Opener FW 1.4.0 beta release 05.03.2020

  • fixed incorrect doorbell recognition with Bticino intercoms (needs reconfiguration)
  • Sound bugfixes
  • Bluetooth speed and reliability improvements.

Nuki Opener FW 1.3.1 beta release 19.12.2019

  • Better Support for Fermax VDS systems, preventing false notifications on doorbell recognition
  • Sound fixes

Nuki Opener FW 1.3.0 beta release 06.12.2019
Note: The opener beta group has been emptied. If you want to join the beta, please let us know and send us your Nuki-ID by private message.

  • Added support for Golmar Plus intercom systems - NOTE: special hardware required, hardware adaption guide will follow shortly
  • Added support for Fermax VDS intercom systems - (doorbell suppression not yet supported during the setup process in the Nuki app, for updated connections please see Known compatibility issues)
  • Added support for Urmet BiBus intercom systems

Nuki Opener FW 1.2.6 beta release 20.11.2019

  • improved compatibility with Ritto systems

Nuki Opener FW 1.2.5 beta release 14.11.2019

  • improved compatibility with Ritto and Bticino intercom systems
  • STR config downgrade to the version used in 1.2.2 beta