Non-existent Keypad battery notification

I have only an opener and a bridge, and they have been working flawlessly since purchase over a year ago. I either ring our intercom at the building entrance, or use my smartphone to open the door for guests from afar.

Starting today, when I attempt to open the door (either at the intercom OR my phone, no difference), the attempt fails and I get an alert that the ‘battery state of the keypad is critical’. I replaced the batteries in my opener, no change.

I don’t even HAVE a keypad, and the non-existent batteries in the non-existent keypad are preventing my opener from working.

What gives?

Hi @Bryn_Thomas ,

we just released a new Opener beta firmware, which includes a potential bugfix for the stated issue. Please install this firmware and let us know if the behavior still persists.

Thanks a lot!