Elvox 8879 as generic analogue intercom -> nuki opener


after over one year of try and error, my elvox 8879 is working with the nuki opener :slight_smile: :

opening the door -> ok
ring detection -> ok
ring to open -> ok
doorbell suppression -> ok

Here is my manual:

1. Disassembling

First of all you have to remove both bus wires (from 1 and 2), then you can screw of the intercom from the wall and now you can carefully solve the circuit board from the case of the intercom.

2. Soldering:

Soldering of the blue and violet wire to the back (!) of the intercom´s circuit board (for opening the door later):


-> see @ attached pic


After the soldering, you can reassemble the intercom and reconnect the bus wires 1 and 2.


Connection of the red and black nuki wires to the intercom:

RED -> 5

-> see @ attached wiring diagram

Now you can close to case of the intercom.

4. CONFIGURATION of the intercom @ NUKI APP:

-> update the opener to beta 1.5.1

-> configurate the intercom as GENERIC ANALOGUE INTERCOM (!):

test 1: the opening of the door will work instantly -> confirmation
test 2: ring to open: the ring detection won´t work now but you still have to confirm that the door has been opened -> confirmation

5. App settings:

-> activate Auto Unlock @ Smart Actions
-> enable the protocol @ protocol

Opening the door will work now, but for the ring detection you have to: ->

6. PM to one of the nuki team members:

he/she has to activate the analogue ring detection @ app (i think it is a hidden setting), if he/she asks for the voltage: the setting with 9V works for me

7. ready, now you can detach the doorbell wire /plug for doorbell suppression:

-> pull the plug/wire from A+ and strip it

-> also see @ attached/last wiring diagram



P.S.: I accept no liability for any errors in the content of the manual or for technical problems,…


Hi Patricia @Zauberelfe00

Many thanks for your instructions, I used them to connect my Elvox Giotto 6329(/C).

In your setup for doorbell suppression, does your 8879 still ring when other people are at your door?

If so, I have some questions as I’m trying to figure out the doorbell suppression wiring for the 6329:

What wire color on the Nuki opener side did you connect the wire from A+ to? Did you connect it to yellow using the Nuki supplied clamp?

Did you use the green wire on Nuki opener side at all? I suspect it should go to the pin where the A+ wire connected to.

Is A+ a wire that goes to the loudspeaker of your intercom?

Hope you can find some time to answer…

Thanks in advance, with my best wishes for a better year.


Hello Georg @Georg_S

In case of a modified analog bus setup such as the 8879 of Patricia, am I correct to think that doorbell suppression is accomplished by routing one of the intercom speaker wires via yellow to the Nuki opener and than back with green to the loudspeaker? In that case, does polarity of the speaker wire matter?

Could you also please activate analogue ring detection for my opener? I’m not sure about voltage for the 6329. The text on the loudspeaker says 47 ohm 0.2 W.

Thanks in advance for your help.



I’m happy about that :slight_smile: Sorry 4 my late reply.

The ring suppression is quite simple. It’s not controlled by the opener. I simply plugged out the ring cable to the bell, so only the opener rings. If I need the Elvox bell, I’ll put the wire back on.

But that eliminates the call function (speaking not possible) But the suppression was more important 4 me.



And yes, the A+ wire goes to the loudspeaker/bell.

Hi Patricia

That’s what I thought you did :slightly_smiling_face:. I still need the call function though. I hope Georg finds some time to answer / activate analog ring detection.

Kind regards


Hi Wim,
I have a Elvox 6329 and I’m trying to connect it to the opener but I’m not able. Please, can you show me how you did it?
Thanks in advance, best regards.

@Xfabius @wvanholder did you guys get the 6329 to work with the opener?

Hi @Remi_YAZIGI , I was able to connect my elvox 6329 with opener for opening door by soldering the blue and violet wires to the intercom’s circuit board and configuring the intercom as generic analogue intercom, but ring detection, ring to open and doorbell suppression do not work and I don’t understand how to do that

Hello @Xfabius

I just posted a writeup at Nuki Opener instructions for Elvox Giotto 6329 (C)

Good luck!

Continuing the discussion from Elvox 8879 as generic analogue intercom -> nuki opener:

Thanks @wvanholder , I will try to activate ring detection and ring to open with your instructions.


I fully followed the instructions of @Zauberelfe00 for a 8879 but it doesn’t work. Is it maybe because my building system is only 2 cables?

Hi, which firmware version do you have installed on the opener? I myself have problems since the last two betas :frowning: - only opening is possible, ring to open not. BW, Patricia

Hi Guys!

Thanks many for the guide. Before starting to do it, could you confirm that this metod of integration it’s still working with elvox 8879?

Thanks many


sorry for the late reply. unfortunately actually not fully. Opening via button is possible, ring to open not.

BW, Patricia

Actual status of the setup:

Will let you know if I can setup ring to open again.

New Status: Elvox 8879 with the new white nuki opener is up & running again:

opening the door → ok
ring detection → ok
ring to open → ok
doorbell suppression → ok

The initial setup/manual is still working:
except.: used no opener firmware beta

The hidden ring detection setting is actually not available on ios 16 (newer iphones) regarding to the support it should be fixed in may.

I tried to implement the ring suppression setup from wvanholder, it works but also on elvox 8879 the response time is too high. I deactivated it and just pulled the wire from A+ again. (speaking not possible but ring to open)

Kindly, Patricia

Dear @Zauberelfe00 @wvanholder, Hi,

Thanks a lot for all your tips and tricks to make the Nuki opener compatible with 2 wires intercoms.

I have an Elvox 8879 system and before I buy a Nuki opener + Bridge, can you please confirm what is the actual status ?
Does it work with beta firmware ?
With both phone app and physical intercom button ?
Is the speaking option possible ?
Do we still need to contact Nuki team for the voltage 9V setting ?

My need is to be able to open remotely the main building entrance door via my phone, when someone rings. I don’t want automatic door opening. Having the speaking option would be a bonus.

Many thanks in advance for your replies.
I think I went through all existing discussions but I am not if I understood everything well, so I prefer asking before buying an Nuki opener and Bridge for nothing. Cheers !

I forget to mention that Elvox 8875 is written as compatible on the Nuki website, but I don’t find the 8879… so that’s why I have all the questions in my previous message about the 8879. Thank you a lot in advance for your answers. Any help is welcome !