Elvox 8879 as generic analogue intercom -> nuki opener


after over one year of try and error, my elvox 8879 is working with the nuki opener :slight_smile: :

opening the door -> ok
ring detection -> ok
ring to open -> ok
doorbell suppression -> ok

Here is my manual:

1. Disassembling

First of all you have to remove both bus wires (from 1 and 2), then you can screw of the intercom from the wall and now you can carefully solve the circuit board from the case of the intercom.

2. Soldering:

Soldering of the blue and violet wire to the back (!) of the intercom´s circuit board (for opening the door later):


-> see @ attached pic


After the soldering, you can reassemble the intercom and reconnect the bus wires 1 and 2.


Connection of the red and black nuki wires to the intercom:

RED -> 5

-> see @ attached wiring diagram

Now you can close to case of the intercom.

4. CONFIGURATION of the intercom @ NUKI APP:

-> update the opener to beta 1.5.1

-> configurate the intercom as GENERIC ANALOGUE INTERCOM (!):

test 1: the opening of the door will work instantly -> confirmation
test 2: ring to open: the ring detection won´t work now but you still have to confirm that the door has been opened -> confirmation

5. App settings:

-> activate Auto Unlock @ Smart Actions
-> enable the protocol @ protocol

Opening the door will work now, but for the ring detection you have to: ->

6. PM to one of the nuki team members:

he/she has to activate the analogue ring detection @ app (i think it is a hidden setting), if he/she asks for the voltage: the setting with 9V works for me

7. ready, now you can detach the doorbell wire /plug for doorbell suppression:

-> pull the plug/wire from A+ and strip it

-> also see @ attached/last wiring diagram



P.S.: I accept no liability for any errors in the content of the manual or for technical problems,…