Connecting Tesla 4FP 211 02.201 to Nuki Opener

I recently bought 3 Nuki Openers for apartment building.
2 of them are connected and work properly but i can not figure out how to connect 3rd one to telephone Tesla 4FP 211 02.201 (it have physical button to make contact for lock to open the doors downstairs).

I see someone already made it work on similar intercom here:

For me the most important feature to work os RING TO OPEN.
I dont need anything else to work.

Please if you have any ideas how to connect it to work please share it here in this forum. That would be great help.

Thank you very much in advance!

Unfortunately you need all functions to work for ring to open! For Ring to open the opener needs to recognise a ring, and the ability to open the door, what are all necessary wires for the opener, sorry! But the soldering tutorial a User wrote before me is not a way for you?