Zigbee in 2.0

Is there anything to tell about Zigbee in the new smartlock?
What is the general idea about it? Will it be used to turn on the light when you come home or to communicate to the smartlock?
On all other features of the smartlock 2.0 I can find info except for zigbee.

The general idea is to make the Nuki Smart Lock even easier to integrate into other systems. On its own, Zigbee will not bring any functions into the Smart Lock.


What is the strategic reason behind picking Zigbee? Will there be a Z-Wave variant?

I can’t give you all the details about our decision process, but Zigbee was a logical addition given the fact that it reuses all RF components that we already have and is available as open source with different certification levels. Z-Wave is a completely different story from several angles. Can’t disclose whether there will ever be a Z-Wave variant or not, at least for the time being we haven’t announced one.

Quite good article about the two competing standards:

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Can you please make sure that it works with all Zigbee-compatible hubs (Philips Hue etc)? It’s really infuriating when you need multiple hubs for the same standard.

If you want one hub use “homee”.
You can add your smarthome devices all in one hub.

Philips Hue is not possible because this is not open and the app can’t control a SmartLock :wink:

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Ah, of course. Since I could add my Osram switches I totally forgot that it’s not a hub. Guess I have to get a ZigBee USB stick for the raspi.

But my point stands, there are ZigBee devices that are locked to specific vendors, which is really annoying.

I just received my SmartLock 2.0 and want to pair it to my raspberry pi with a Zigbee stick. Im failing to understand how to put it in pairing mode. The regular bluetooth pairing mode (5 second press) does not work… Anyone?

ZigBee is yet not active on the Smart Lock 2.0. You’ll have to wait for a Firmware Update scheduled for Q1/2019 as announced in


to start using ZigBee.

Ah that explains it, does this mean that we can lock and unlock doors using zigbee with the new firmware?

We will support the ZigBee 3.0 standard for the Door Lock Cluster. Everything following that standard should be working. With older ZigBee standards it is hard to tell what will be compatible without extensive testing.
We will keep you up to date here as soon as we can give you a certain timeframe for ZigBee rollout. Atm I can’t give you more than the originally announced Q1/2019 goal.

Any news on that topic?
Any Beta available?

Any news?

Sorry, no update yet.

Whe are working hard on it and appreciate your patience.


Is it planed to get it available in february?

Any update on the zigbee Implementation?


So, its almost Q3, still no Zigbee?

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It is really a shame!


It’s 6 months after Q1 2019. I really want to buy a Nuki but I don’t want to buy another gateway just to use it with my automation software (home assistant). Have you got a real date for releasing the ZigBee firmware? It’s falsely advertised as ZigBee ready!

" ZigBee
As a result of the new motherboard, the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is now also compatible with the popular Smart Home standard “ZigBee”."

Come on, it’s a 2xx EUR product, if I had already bought it and still no ZigBee support I would have been really pissed off.
I will pull the trigger on another ZigBee ready opener if no release date will be given on this forum.


Same here, I want to postpone buying a Nuki until the ZigBee has been released, I don’t want another bridge.