How to pair Nuki 2.0 to my zigbee bridge

Hi there,

How can I connect my Nuki 2.0 with zigbee support to my zigbee bridge? I can’t find any pairing procedure.


Zigbee is currently not available for the 2.0 lock.

Yeah it does, it was clearly mentioned when I bought the Nuki 2.0. It was actually one of the reasons why I bought it.

No, it doesn’t for the time being:

The status is still valid in 01/2020

Well that’s kinda unfair and misleading then. Seems I was sold a product under false pretenses.

It was clearly stated that the Nuki 2.0 supported Zigbee.

Like buying a car to later find out it can’t open up the trunk.

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I think the most active thread about the issue is Zigbee in 2.0

Any news regards Zigbee with Nuki 2.0?