Tegui M72 open button not recognized


I bought the Nuki opener because the Tegui M72 was in the compatibility list
As I am seeing in the forum, there are still issues with Tegui M72.
I am able to make opener detect the videoporter, but we asking to push the open door button inside configuration wizard, it is not recognizing the button and does not let me go to step 2.
I am using ios app and the opener is updated to 1.6.4
Could anyone help me on this?

Thank you
Best regards,

I am dealing with the exact same problem. Still no other reply from Nuki than to try again. They send me another opener, still no success. Also tried with multiple phones.

Yes, I also replaced the Opener but still same issue.
I am happy to help debugging, but please Nuki team give some support to help fix this, I really need to have the Opener working.

Thank you

Después de 2 meses estáis igual?? Yo termino de comprármelo y no me funciona, haber si nos hace caso y nos dice como ponerlo