Nuki Pro 3.0 local API

Product name

Pro 3.0


local API


local web api oder MQTT.


the Nuki Cloud is unstable. Is actuall unusable. I get http 404


Smarthome usage. eg. home-assistant

FYI, already requested: Local API on SL3 (Pro) - #36 by Stan81
And MQTT based integration is in the works.

I used the cloud a bit before moving to a bluethooth based local integration. When I used the cloud it worked fine - what error messages are you getting?

Nuki is “health checking” the Wifi Connection by connecting to the Nuki Cloud. If the connection to the Nuki Cloud fails, Nuki 3.0 Pro will disconnect from the Wifi.

Of course when Nuki disconnects from the Wifi, MQTT also stops working and my local Home Assistant cannot communicate with Nuki anymore.

I’m pretty sure the other local integrations like Homenet or the Bridge HTTP-API suffer from the same issue, when Nuki rejects or disconnects the Wifi due to lack of Cloud connectivity.

I would like to do reliable local controlling with MQTT/Homenet/HTTP-API, but:

  • not depend on the spotty internet connection of my place
  • not depend on cloud servers by Nuki (I would prefer Nuki to not connect to the Cloud at all, I don’t need or want any of the Cloud features)

In the Nuki Bridge, this behavior was considered a bug:

I have filed a new feature request for this: