Opener - Bticino 344912 - classe 100 v16 - working

after several trys I succeeded in installing nuki opener with Bticino 344912 (Classe 100 v16). I started with the default install plan for BUS intercoms and had following problems. Either “Open door” or “Ring to open” of the Opener worked, not both. And the Bticino intercom did not work proberly afterwards. When pressing the view-Button (eye) the intercom could not start the viewing screen and turned on-off several times. Therefore I disconnected the yellow cable and connected both BUS-cables directly to the intercom. Now “Open door”, “Ring to open” and the intercom itself work. However “Mute ring” (Opener) does not, but that’s something I can live with. Maybe it will be fixed with a future firmware update when Bticino 344912 is proberly supported.

Here both installation plans. The default BUS-plan and my working version. When setting up the Opener I selected “Bticino” > “Classe 100 v12e video” because Bticino 344912 isn’t listed yet.

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Thanks for sharing!
Would it also be possible to share a picture of your installation, as I just looked at the back of my 344912 and the two BUS wires are interchanged