Opener - Bticino 344912 - classe 100 v16 - working

after several trys I succeeded in installing nuki opener with Bticino 344912 (Classe 100 v16). I started with the default install plan for BUS intercoms and had following problems. Either “Open door” or “Ring to open” of the Opener worked, not both. And the Bticino intercom did not work proberly afterwards. When pressing the view-Button (eye) the intercom could not start the viewing screen and turned on-off several times. Therefore I disconnected the yellow cable and connected both BUS-cables directly to the intercom. Now “Open door”, “Ring to open” and the intercom itself work. However “Mute ring” (Opener) does not, but that’s something I can live with. Maybe it will be fixed with a future firmware update when Bticino 344912 is proberly supported.

Here both installation plans. The default BUS-plan and my working version. When setting up the Opener I selected “Bticino” > “Classe 100 v12e video” because Bticino 344912 isn’t listed yet.


Thanks for sharing!
Would it also be possible to share a picture of your installation, as I just looked at the back of my 344912 and the two BUS wires are interchanged


@photomichl forget my last post - due to your documentation I made the installation and it works like a charm :smiley:
The “problem” was that I was not aware, that the polarisation of the BUS does not matter. I just needed to stick to the cable-colors :slight_smile:

Just a quick question: As “Open door” works flawlessly but “Ring to open” doesn’t - did you have to configure anything else on the App side to make this work?

Is there a roadmap to fully support the Bticino 344912 - Classe 100 V16B by Nuki?

Is the mute button not working via Nuki, or also not via Intercom after modification?

Thanks for the support!

The “mute” function via Nuki is not working. The intercom does work as before, if you use my ‘working’ setup.

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Thanks @photomichl , that sounds good! I will also try it out using your documentation!

Hi there unfotunately the “working” diagram is not working for me. During the setup it gets it when I press the lock on my btcino but it will not open the door in the next step and config is not finishing. If anyons has the same model and found a working setup with tge current Opener firmware 1.6.4 please let me know!

@photomichl is this still working? I have the same intercom and want to buy the white nuki opener. It would be fine for me if everything except “mute ring” is working.

Hi, its still working with v1.7.3 . But I haven’t tried re-installing with the latest firmware version (1.7.3) in order to check if “mute ring” would already work.

Thank you for confirming. So you have the latest firmware installed?

I can confirm, that the Nuki Opener (white one, newest version, don’t know if there is a hardware difference) is fully compatible with the Bticino 344912 - Class 100 v16.
Opener Firmware Version: 1.7.3
Every feature is working, including “mute ring”

I did the installation with this wiring diagram

During the setup choose as “Generic” as manufacturer and “Bus (Bticino)” as model.


In my Bticino 344912 are two cables in every BUS Port.

Which of them should i put in the clamp and why are there two of them?

I added a picture of the Cables without the Opener.

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Thanks @spn . I would like to go with the same setup and even have a newer Opener firmware installed. However, can you walk me through the configuration process in the app? I tried to complete the “Bus (Bticino)” setup but got a “The installation of your intercom system does not comply with the standard” error.

For reference I selected the following:

  • Can you open the front door without ringing the bell first > Yes
  • Can you open the door by pressing the door opener > Yes

Please let me know what you differs from your setup.


Hi! Do you see what is bus “-” and what bzs “+”!?

It works on Bticino 344652 - Classe 100 v16b BUT without ring supression.

I have followed the scheme Stefan posted.

Hi there,
Sadly the scheme Stefan posted works not for me although this scheme is also suggestested by the Nuki App. My Opener runs on firmware 1.9.3. During the setup I have the problem that the opener doesnt recognizes the bell signal. Maybe someone can help?

I started imitating the bell signal by pressing the eye button on the bticino 344652 but with this and the wiring Stefan posted the opener doesnt open the door.

I found a little workaround but now only the open via app works: I connected only the red and black cables of the opener to my btcion 344652 bus cables. Currently the possibility to open the door via app is enough for me, but of course it would be nice to have at least the ring to open feature working.

If somebody has any suggestions, would be nice to hear from you!

Hey, have you been able to solve this problem? I’m currently facing the same error and I’m at a complete loss right now. Any advice would be appreciated.

To provide some more info: I used to diagram posted by Stefan above, which matches the instructions provided by the Nuki app. Everything is connected and my intercom/opener is working perfectly fine, but I can’t successfully configure the Nuki Opener. Error occurs as soon as the app tells my to push the intercom button.

Hi all,

can someone who got the Opener working with the Bticino 344912 (Classe 100 V16) please post a photo of their wiring?

I wired all cables as illustrated in @spn 's post, but the Nuki app says at the end of the config process that the wiring does not conform to the standard.

Originally, my intercom wiring looked like this:

Assuming that the blue cable was going to BUS-, I connected the black cable from Opener, and consequently assuming that the red cable was going to BUS+ I connected the green and orange cables.

The red cable which was originally connected directly to the intercom now connects to terminal slot 2, yellow and red from Opener to terminal slot 1.

With this setup the Bticino intercom still works fine, nevertheless, the Nuki app does not finish the configuration process successfully.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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My house has 2 doors. I can switch doors in bticino by pressing the eye-icon.
Would this still work with this implementation? I‘d love to see nuki support this model per default…


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