Opener - Bticino 344652 - Classe 100 V16b - Working

Just opening a new thread for this device variant (344652 - Classe 100 V16b)

with guidance from Opener - Bticino 344912 - classe 100 v16 - working - #12 by spn


II was able to set up this intercom. Unfortunately the bell suppression does not work at this time.

White Opener with firmware 1.8.1

I’ve noticed that NUKI app reports that an unknown person rings the bell when someone rings on the neighbors.

Is there a way to avoid this and report only when my bell rings?

A few more things I’ve noticed is:

  1. If I press the “eye” button, opener detects as someone ringing the bell.
  2. After some time (maybe days) the intercom stops receiving power, and once I click the opener button, power is restored. (maybe due to opener sleep mode) I’ve activated the “debug mode” in order to see if this solves the problem (as someone stated somewhere in this forum that debug mode prevents the sleep mode on the opener)
  3. Nuki removed a bunch of Bticino devices from the supported list. :smirk: