Nuki Smart Lock Firmware 2.3.9 Beta


(Stephan Lendl) #1

Please update to the newest beta version of the Smart Lock firmware and send us your feedback.
We plan to release a public version soon and need your feedback for final changes.

Release notes

  • Power of the motor has been increased.
  • Fixes issues with Lock’n’go.
  • Manually pulling the latch is now reported in the activity log.
  • Door sensor improvements.
  • Reduced standby power consumption.
  • Fixes an issue that caused slow syncing with Nuki Web.
  • Several other performance improvements and bug fixes.

(Joerg Spielmann) #2

How we can get this version? In the moment, the Nuki App can not find this firmware.

(Jürgen Pansy) #3

Your Smart Lock needs to be in the beta group.

(Joerg Spielmann) #4

o.k., I was a beta tester, but I exchanged my Nuki…

(Damy cruts) #5

For me its an stable firmware. Beter auto unlock responses. No further issues at the moment.

(Frank R.) #6

Hi Nuki,

In this firmware version 2.3.9 Beta the following bugs are still present:

  • in some cases of “Lock & Go”, the motor is moved immediately a little bit in the direction of opening, after coupling in - after a delay, the lock is closing normal
  • last access and the number of lock operations are not logged (iOS-App 2.0.4 [1077])
  • the clutch opens very quickly while the gearbox is still running down

For further details see: Nuki 2.0: Issues

The only fixed bug in this beta version in my scenario is:

  • in some cases of “Lock & Go”, the SL 2.0 locks immediately, although the lock has detected that the door is open (door sensor active, top LED segment lights)

(Frank R.) #7


  • no improvment: the time control is very inaccurate furthermore (current up to +/-3 minutes)

In case of earlier time differences, two log entries appear. Probably the time will be resynchronized and then the time control will be executed again.

(Frank R.) #9

2nd Update:

  • This evening the time difference was -3 minutes again. So unfortunately no improvement.
  • And after only two weeks temporary usage: Battery warning.

(Jürgen Pansy) #10

Please update to firmware 2.3.10. The problem with time drift should not be present anymore.