Nuki Smart Lock Firmware 2.3.9 Beta

Please update to the newest beta version of the Smart Lock firmware and send us your feedback.
We plan to release a public version soon and need your feedback for final changes.

Release notes

  • Power of the motor has been increased.
  • Fixes issues with Lock’n’go.
  • Manually pulling the latch is now reported in the activity log.
  • Door sensor improvements.
  • Reduced standby power consumption.
  • Fixes an issue that caused slow syncing with Nuki Web.
  • Several other performance improvements and bug fixes.

How we can get this version? In the moment, the Nuki App can not find this firmware.

Your Smart Lock needs to be in the beta group.

o.k., I was a beta tester, but I exchanged my Nuki…

For me its an stable firmware. Beter auto unlock responses. No further issues at the moment.

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Hi Nuki,

In this firmware version 2.3.9 Beta the following bugs are still present:

  • in some cases of “Lock & Go”, the motor is moved immediately a little bit in the direction of opening, after coupling in - after a delay, the lock is closing normal
  • last access and the number of lock operations are not logged (iOS-App 2.0.4 [1077])
  • the clutch opens very quickly while the gearbox is still running down

For further details see: Nuki 2.0: Issues

The only fixed bug in this beta version in my scenario is:

  • in some cases of “Lock & Go”, the SL 2.0 locks immediately, although the lock has detected that the door is open (door sensor active, top LED segment lights)


  • no improvment: the time control is very inaccurate furthermore (current up to +/-3 minutes)

In case of earlier time differences, two log entries appear. Probably the time will be resynchronized and then the time control will be executed again.

2nd Update:

  • This evening the time difference was -3 minutes again. So unfortunately no improvement.
  • And after only two weeks temporary usage: Battery warning.

Please update to firmware 2.3.10. The problem with time drift should not be present anymore.