Nuki 2.0: Issues


on Thursday I received the new Nuki Smart Lock 2.0. I noticed a few things that I think are wrong:

Lock & Go issues

  1. in some cases (approx. 1/3) of “Lock & Go”, the motor is moved immediately a little bit in the direction of opening, after coupling in - after a delay, the lock is closing normal.
  2. in some cases (approx. 1/3) of “Lock & Go”, the SL 2.0 locks immediately, although the lock has detected that the door is open (door sensor active, top LED segment lights)
  3. in the remaining cases (only approx. 1/3) “Lock & Go” works as known from Nuki Smart Lock 1.0

With this issues “Lock an Go” is unusable for me. Any suggestions?

Further discoveries:

  1. the clutch opens very quickly while the gearbox is still running down
  2. In Nuki Web I cannot assign users to the new Nuki Smart Lock 2.0. I have to create all users again for SL 2.0 and I have to collect Nuki Fobs and reassign them manually.

Many greetings

After further testing, I noticed the following problems:

Time control:
The time control is very inaccurate and for me not reliable either:
Configured is: 7:00 a.m. unlock, 8:00 p.m. lock
Executed was: 7:05 a.m. unlock, 7:58 p.m. lock

User info:
Last access and the number of lock operations are not logged. For the first user I configured the Smart Lock with, the following is displayed under Created: 01.01.2018, 01:00

Quick answer for that part:

You can add a new “Web User” and then merge it with an existing “App User” (by editing the App User and selecting the Web User to merge with).

Then it is possible to add other Smart Locks (no matter if v1 or v2) to that user. This is needed so the invite can be directly sent via e-mail.
And a new invite is needed anyway as a new smart lock needs a new key for every user.

Same is true for Fobs only they cannot be invited remotely, so they need to be paired directly or via App, yes.

And regarding your SL-questions:

Wich firmware version do you currently user with your SL 2.0?

Hi Stephan.

Thanks for your reply.

SL 2.0: 2.3.1
iOS App: 2.0.2 (1068)

And additional:
Bridge FW: 1.11.3
Bridge Wifi FW: 1.2.0

Are the topics known and is there a beta firmware that addresses these issues?
If so, I can send you my Smart Lock ID.

How else can I help?

Many greetings

Yes, there are some known issues which are addressed in the current beta SL firmware or in work for an upcoming beta.
Please send us your Smart Lock ID to if you want to help us test the upcoming versions.

Thanks. I sent an email to

Are the problems described above individual or is a beta version already available that addresses some of the problems? Are release notes or a list of known issues available?

We are looking into Lock&Go and Time control issues atm. The current beta does not solve these yet.

And I’m sorry, but we don’t have release notes for the last beta updates. (several small fixes and optimizations)

Thanks. Then I hope that you can quickly find and fix the bugs.

If you need debug logs or demonstration videos or if there are any new findings, please let me know.

Many greetings


Have you found the bugs yet? Any updates?

Here are two screenshots of the time controlled closing of the door at 8:00 p.m. They were closed at 7:57 p.m.


The Lock&Go Time runs not correctly,20sec are between 10-20 sec.Gerry

Lock & Go set with 20 seconds should lock after 20 seconds or (if door sensor is activated) after door has been opened and closed (whatever happend first).

Could this explain your observation?

Else please contact our support under as this seems to be an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.

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Attached my feedback about the Nuki firmware 2.3.11 and my issues before.

  • Lock & Go:
    Now works as expected.
  • Time control:
    Basically works as expected, but sometimes the Nuki tries to lock although it was already locked (clutch engages).

The following issues persist:

  • User info:
    Last access and the number of lock operations are not logged (iOS-App 2.0.4 [1077])
  • Clutch:
    The clutch opens very quickly while the gearbox is still running down. Is this behavior so desired?
  • Battery Warning:
    When pulling the latch there is a battery warning. Only with the Nuki 2.0. With the Nuki 1 and the same batteries there is no warning. Batteries are only one week in use. Attached information about the use of batteries (Zuhaus: Nuki 1, Zuhaus 2: Nuki 2.0).
  • Temperature:
    Displayed or measured temperature too high. See Screenhots between Nuki 1 and Nuki 2.0.
  • Missing :wink:
    Nuki 2.0: Signal strength based “nearby fence” (My “Issue” with Auto Unlock)



@Time control: When you lock the door, the Smart Lock will go to the “locked” position. E.g. if you did lock manually with a key 1,5x turns, time control will drive it to the 2x position.

@Clutch: Yes, this is expected behavior and does not harm the clutch or gears.

@Battery Warning: We’ll have a look at it. Thanks for the screens.

@Temperature: Depends largely on the amount of recent motor movement and it’s no super precision thing either. You better not use it to regulate the room temperature :wink:

Hi Jürgen,

Even with new batteries, the warning message that the batteries are empty appears for a very short moment (bell briefly turns red).

Last access and the number of lock operations are not logged in the current iOS-App 2.1.0 (1099) also.

I will check the “re-locking”, depending on the current position.


I used the door Sensor,the door locked after 20 seconds but the door is open.

You can fix this by calling the “Resolve door sensor issues” option. If you have a Bridge you also can do this remotely as long as you’re sure that the door is closed at that time!

If the problem persists please recalibrate your door sensor.

If this also doesn’t help please contact our customer support at for further support.