How to become a Nuki Smart Lock Beta tester

To become a Nuki Smart Lock Firmeware beta tester send us an email with your Smart Lock ID to

You can see your Smart Lock ID in the Nuki app at the lock settings: Go to “Connection status” and tap on the screen for details – here you’ll find the Smart Lock ID.

Do not post private details like IDs of Smart Locks, Bridges or your Apple ID here, but only send these via E-Mail or as a private message to a Nuki team member.

Additional Note specific for Smart Lock 3.0:
By installing the beta firmware, some information about your Smart Lock will be transmitted to Nuki. The collected data helps our developers to improve and optimize the Nuki devices.
In addition to device-specific information such as the Smart Lock ID, information on connection quality and stability is collected in particular.
Security-relevant or personal data is not collected. Nor can the information be used to draw any conclusions about the behavior of individual users.

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