Nuki Opener scheduler / AIRBNB integration )

Dear Nuki Team!
Thanks for you cool new Opener. :slight_smile:
As I am an old “nello” user and long time nuki lock user,
I am missing the funktion to schedule the “ring to open” feature on the opener. ( the “scheduling” you have implemented is not what I would find practically to use)

I can imagine what you are trying to cover (doctors practice or something similar) with YOUR schedule. But not constantly changing Airbnb arrivals…

I used nello for airbnb guests and scheduled it usually for the whole day when a guest arrived.
So it would be fantastic if you could implement either automatically ( in the nuki web to enable “ring to open” for any arrival day of an Airbnb guest. -> would this be possible ?
The other option is to set up a proper scheduling with a calender for the opener ! -> manual entries like I did with Nello. ( They call it TIME WINDOWS ) so you can chose a specific day in the calender and also time frame and activate the “ring to open” only in this period.
Please check it out in the nello APP and add something similar to the opener :slight_smile:

I know I can send the invitation to the guest. (even with the airbnb plugin) Thats nice but I tell you most people don’t want to use tech stuff to open the door. So my approach is to make it as easy as possible for the guest to get in the Building (ring to open) .

Please let me know if I could explain the “problem” properly and maybe I am missing a feature as I have freshly set up the nuki opener just some hours ago.

thanks Stefan


I’m also an Airbnb host and a former Nello user. The features Stefan describes, the so-called Nello’s “Time Windows” were, in fact, very useful and user friendly. I would also like to have them in the Nuki Opener app.
From my years of experience working with Airbnb and Booking, guests rarely can or want to use their smartphones (assuming they have one) to open the door.
This feature would be most welcome.
Thank you!


I like my Nuki for my airbnb guest… and hope a better solution …
Yes Nello “TIME WINOW” is great and easy … I ask my Airbnb guest when the arrival time … and set it…

I hope for a easier interface with nuki & opener …

I change very often time window with Nello. It’s easy and fast…

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Am I to understand that a similar function to Nello one “Time window” isn’t implemented in Nuki opener?
What options are available for scheduling the periods to have the “Ring to open” function?

Our Airbnb integration will feature “time windows” too (i.e. the server will send an “activate continuous mode” at the beginning of the window and “deactivate” at the end). This is already implemented and will be released soon.

An easier way to change or schedule it from the App (or better Nuki Web) is something for which you could write a feature request and start a discussion in the thread about how this should be done.

Update: There is already a feature request for Delivery Services. Not sure if this is completely the same as for airbnb. If not, please create a separate feature request.

I already created one some time ago: Nuki Opener: improve scheduling