Nuki Opener: improve scheduling

Product name

Nuki Opener


Make the scheduling feature easier to use, and not necessarily recurring


Basically this is more or less the way it works with Nello: I would like to be able to set continuos mode from a given date/time until a given date/time (eg, 4th of October, between 14 and 17), not necessarily in a recurring fashion.


  • Not recurring schedules are not available now: if I want to enable continuous mode on the 4th of October between 14 and 17, I need to do the following:

  • Enable continuous mode at 14 on fridays (but only after September 27th, otherwise it would be enabled on that day too)

  • Disable continuous mode at 17 on fridays

  • Delete the previous two schedules right after they have been used


  • Allow a courier delivery scheduled for a given date and time
  • Allow an Airbnb guest with a precise schedule

It’s funny: With Nello I wished for such a thing like Nuki is using now. But I see, why someone would also be looking for a feature like your. They shoul have both!

Sure, the current recurring scheduling can be quite useful too (for example for a cleaner coming every week at the same time). Both have their place.