Nuki Opener: faster access to scheduling

Nuki Opener

For which NUKI product do you want to submint a feature request?

i used nello before. What I loved about the nello app was that it was super easy to schedule ring-to-Open time Windows for delivery services etc. In the Nuki App, I have to click through huge menus and sub menus and then there is not even the option for a time window, only the starting time of ring-to-open. Please add this as a super option for example.

Quick summary what this request is about.

Setting of a time window for ring-to-Open.

Detailed description of desired features.

much easier access to a very often used feature

Why is this feature needed?

OK, I’m not at home but receive an email that a delivery service will be coming today in the next two hours. I want to open the Nuki App, swipe on my Opener and set a time frame for ring-to-Open.

How would you like to use this feature?
List all usecases you can think of!


YES , please fast Time Window … if I open the app…


Ring to open

Time Window

May I also add to the fact that “Time window” scheduling is very convenient and needs to be I implemented if it is not already

Yes please !
Some people have stated already the key differentiator to nello is the well implemented “TIME WINDOWS”
please try and implement it.
Nello is shutting down soon :frowning:

@redtank Seems you tried to post this as a feature request. Does it match with an already existing one there or is your main (different) point the direct access via bottom sheet to it?

If so you could still move it to the #feature-requests category (or I can do it for you if you are unsure how to change the category).

Hi Stephan,

Yes, my main concern is the direct access to the scheduling, so in my opinion that is a new request.
I am sorry I kind of created this post in the wrong section, could you move this post to the feature-request category, please? I have searched but couldn’t find how to do that…


No problem. Already moved it.