Golmar Platea Plus

Thank you Jürgen. As Marlon I tried your configuration and I get the same error : “The installation of your intercom system does not comply with the standard”.

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I do have the same issue with my Golmar T-940 Plus. Connections are the same.

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Looks like you’ll have to wait until we got one of the Golmar systems in our lab and had a closer look at them.

If one of you has electronics skills & equipment (multimeter, oscilloscope), we might be able to speed things up. -> Please contact me via PM.

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I was wondering if you might have a tip as Golmar systems are in your database already.

The ones in our database are all analogues systems. Everything posted here (Platea Plus, T-940, …) is bus based.

Sure I understand. Posted the manual in the T-940 Plus thread.
If there is anything I could try and give feedback, let me know.

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Hi Jürgen, thanks for thinking along. What kind of measurements would you need? I’m not currently in the possession of the right tools, but maybe I can fix something…?
Love to help finding a fix :slight_smile:

Best, Marlon


Tried that with the T-940 Plus - same result!

Hi, is there any update on this please?


Status is the same as for the T-940 Plus: Nuki Opener | Golmar T-940 Plus

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Hi Juergen. Exciting to know you have Golmar intercoms under investigation! Do you also have the Platea in your labs? Is there a time indication for a fix? Would love to start using my Opener :slight_smile: Can we help in anyway as a community? Best, Marlon (from my first acc I can access all of a sudden again :P)

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Here’s the English version of the connections

Hopefully this can help.

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Hi Nuki team product,

Do you have any update about Golmar compatibility ?

Thank you


Hi Nuki team,

I am also a Golmar Platea Plus owner and i’m very interested in the Nuki opener. There are many people in my building (150+) that would also be interested in purchasing this product.

Attached is my cabling situation.


any news ? I’m interesting in buy a nuki opener and I have a golmar platea.


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Yes, look at this post: Nuki Opener | Golmar T-940 Plus

Hi. I have golmar platea plus and I installed nuki and it works perfectly. Even with 0 seconds delay. The only limitation is that only works if I ring before.

That’s because these digital systems needs to be activate to open the door. It’s a shame that I need to ring my system before the nuki could open the door. It’s like it hasn’t control over the golmar.

I find a possible solution that you nuki guys could investigate. In platea plus there’s a option to see the camera and open the door. It’s the third bottom (without anyone in the street rings).

If nuki could activate this option it’s the solution…
what do you think???

Yes, this could be an option to overcome the" ring before open" limitation. Feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it

Done, please let me know if it makes sense:

I can’t get past the configuration steps… how did you do it?