Generic Analoge Ring Detection

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I am playing with the Nuki Opener to see if I can get it working by wiring it directly into an BUS intercom (SKS) that is currently unsupported. I am trying to use the Generic Analoge profile. Now connecting the opener itself is fairly easy to the “open button”, but what I struggle with is the ring detection. Apparently from what I read here, Nuki is looking for an AC signal on the ring line. In the BUS intercom system, I connected it to a LED that blinks when a ring is detected. Unfortunately, this only triggers the ring detection once in a while, maybe <20% of the times. So my question would be if it would be possible to get the opener also detect a ring on a solid 5V signal.


Hi Panda,
a 5V DC signal can be detected by the analog Ring detection circuit!
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I think I know why it didn’t work. I didn’t connect the black cable as it was marked optional. But after looking at the PCB, it seems that the opener can only detect DC signal against black, so I will now test it again with black connected.

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@Georg_S Thanks for your support!

Nuki Opener is now working with SKS il vetro video. I can use Ring to Open as well as Ring suppression. It does not work in BUS mode, but it does work in Generic Analogue mode with custom wiring/soldering to the PCB. While testing, I used the SKS HT4600 which also works fine in Generic Analogue mode.

Also, NUKI Opener is much prettier when spaced a little aside from the intercom. :wink:


That’s great news! We do have the same intercom installed at home and did not order ne opener until now because we weren’t sure if it is supported.
Is it fully integrated in the app already with wiring instructions or is it more a DIY status?
You wrote sth about soldering - is this necessary? We do live in a rental apartment so we are unfortunately not allowed to solder sth…
Happy Easter and thanks in advance!

You will get full wiring instructions in the App for bus mode, but this did not work for me. My solution is more a DIY solution. If you don’t need Ring suppression, it will work without soldering if you can find a way to get a stable connection between the Nuki cable and the via holes on the PCB.

Alternatively, you can buy a SKS HT4600 and connect it parallel to your il vetro and make the HT4600 open your door. But that will look very ugly next to your door.

Here is how I connected the NUKI Opener (my cable colors to NUKI color scheme):
Red (from PCB) connects to red/yellow (ring detection)
Red (to speaker) connects to green (only needed for ring suppression)
Yellow connects to blue (open button)
Brown connects to black and violet (ground)

For ring suppression, you will need to disconnect the red wire going to the speaker from the pcb and connect it to the NUKI opener instead.

After you have configured it this way, you will need to contact @Georg_S for him to setup your Opener correctly. (Ring detection on speaker)

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Ok - hmm ring suppression would be great (sleeping little ones and night shifts …). Do you think the BUS Version is not working due to the setup in you’re house or due to the il vetro series - so more specific: could it be working for others even if it did not in your setting?
The soldering is definitiv not an option in a rented apartment - I think my landlord won’t be happy about it at all :woozy_face:- even if I enjoY a little soldering once a while.

From what you can read here, there are only people with issues with the SKS bus:

That being said, the SKS il vetro is in beta and has a setup guide, so it might work for some people but those probably won’t come here to confirm it I guess.

@Georg_S Maybe you can help us. Now that 6 wire SKS Il Vetro is supported by the opener, is there any chance that DS 2010 will be supported as well?

Unfortunately, the opener button is not recognized in recognition mode? What can I do?

Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately I don’t have any of these systems at hand, but maybe someone with such a system can find out where the corresponding connections on the PCB are. The SKS bus systems are not compatible with the Nuki Opener and can only be operated using the analog workaround, therefore the door opening signal is not recognized.

@Georg_S thank you for your fast reply. Then this is apparently a misunderstanding on my side. My understanding was that SKS Il Vetro (which is already supported by Nuki as beta) is based on the same bus system? This was the reason I bought the opener. Is my assumption wrong?

Can you please push me into the right direction how to finde the corresponding connections on the PCB for the analog workaround.

Thank u so much for your support.

Regards Jörg

@Panda maybe you can help me. I have a SKS DS 2010 and SKS il vetro Audio. How can I find out where to connect the cable on the pcb for the analoge workaround solution.

Second Question: is it easier to connect the cable for the opener button because of the Hardware button? Than will buy one of them.

Thank you for every hint pushing me in the right direction.

Recards Jörg.

You need to do the following:

  • Find the cables that go to the speaker. These are directly accessible.
  • Find a ground connection pin. This should be marked on the PCB somewhere.
  • Find the opener pin. This is the the hardest part. For physical buttons, find the wire on the PCB that goes from the button to the micro controller. For Touch buttons you will need to measure each pin coming from the touch panel going to the micro controller while pushing the door opening button. Measure each pin while pushing the button and see which pin changes with your pushes.
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@Panda Thank you very much for your support and explanation. I have now connected the HT4600 in parallel to my SKS DS 2010, according to your instructions.

However, the HT 4600 does not ring when the button at the frontdoor is pressed. This is completely independent from Nuki (so even before installing Nuki). Therefore the ring-detection did not work. I have solved this now so that the ring detection takes place on the speaker of the DS 2010.

The setup process of Nuki worked like this. However, ring-to-open has an immense delay. partly in the range of minutes. During the setup process ring-to-open is also executed once. There it works - repeatable - well and without delay. Only not in later operation.

Do you have an idea what this could be due to? Is it because of my constellation that I work with 2 intercom? Or do you have other ideas?

Many thanks Jörg

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Please contact @Georg_S if you have trouble with the ring detection. He can help you switch the detection mode.

One thing that might cause detection trouble is if you connected the speaker ground for ring detection.

Thank you so much!

@Georg_S Can you please help me with my trouble with the ring detection. ? Thank you.

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I tried the same procedure with my elvox 8879. Opening the door is now possible but I have problems with the ring detection. Can u plz help me too with the configuration of the ring detection? Kindly, Patricia

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