Feature Request - Apple ‌iOS 15‌ HomeKit / Home Keys in Apple Wallet feature

Welp, was a fun thought for a while… no NFC on board by the looks of things so this can’t happen. Real shame, fingerprints are cool but they’re also expensive and hard to share… :man_shrugging:

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Really disappointed today. Can’t be that difficult to do a plastic case with an nfc reader and Bluetooth to put in the door to use this.

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A litte disappointed, its cool with the fingerprint but the Home Keys feature is still missing otherwise it would be a instant buy.


Wait… was that the “update later this fall that will also provide a clear outlook re HomeKey and Keypad”??

I don’t see Home Key being mentioned anywhere?

As usual news are shared in the Nuki blog. This article also has a chapter about HomeKey: We present the Nuki Keypad 2.0 - Now you can open your door with your fingerprint! - Nuki


HomeKit keys :key: will be an amazing feature guys. We will wait to add it at Nuki :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Out of curiosity what was the feature retrofits can’t meet.
I’m curious what Apple did to make it so hard.

Am thinking of the fingerprint but would prefer nfc
So will hold out for a while before expanding.

This is not public information and subject to specific T&Cs and NDAs. I.e. we can’t share that information.

At the risk of infuriating everyone - wouldn’t a web app solution be more accessible for every device and most age groups? I posted this earlier (it’s a request regarding Smart Hosting and also includes the request for a single code, but you can ignore that) : One Code and No App Download for Smart Hosting Guests

So? What are you waiting for?

iOS 17 now is out and you still didn’t add Homekeys support.


Hi I joined this forum, especially to vote for this and to ask if there are any updates. I have been waiting for the past year, for this feature to come to Nuki so I can purchase the product. This also seems to be the most voted for feature of all the feature requests. Come on Nuki… give the people what they want please.

At this point they just don’t want to do it. They don’t want to develop a new product, just minor updates and with that is impossible to have homekey.

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Wow… This thread is two years and two new nuki old.

The Tweet

and the statement

are something over a year and one new Nuki old and nothing changed, as far as I could see.

So is Nuki only lazy or actively lying to their customers? :thinking:

Oh sure. A new keypad is also released. Still without NFC. One year after

For 349 € you got a new fancy design, but no (real) new features… Even if it’s more expensive than the new Nuki Pro. Keypad 2 Pro - Nuki

Perhaps I’m wrong but it looks like it’s not about the customers and their wishes/needs but simply about their money…

Yeah, I know. Nuki doesn’t discuss new features. But they don’t release new features too, obviously.

Proof me wrong, maybe… Next year… With a new fancy expensive product update and hopefully with a real feature update…

It’s more and more disappointing.

Never mind. I already found my answer. :wink:

If you have a Smart Lock (4th Generation) in the standard version, you can activate Remote Access via Thread through a one-time payment

There are still not much smart locks with Apple Home Key on the market.
And not even one model for typical European lock models as far as I know.

So I wouldn’t bet that the fault here is on Nuki’s side (and at least I wouldn’t argue that they are lying to the customers, as all they said is that they can’t say anything without violating the NDAs).

About the Keypad Pro: Isn’t that simply a in-wall / flush-mounted version of the keypad 2.0?

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It’s Nuki side, the thing is that the HomeKey nfc reader has to be physically connected to the lock so they have to develop a solution that includes the cilinder and the exterior chasis because a retrofit does not work with Homekey. It’s not that difficult. Other companies do it but they only do single bolt solution that is not what European homes have, because their market is not here.

It’s just that. Look at what they have done, they have launched the same design from 2018 again with almost the same functions than before.

There just simply want to stick with the same design as long as they can so they don’t have to spend more money developing a new one.

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Guys, remind you that this is a developer forum. If you want to circulate wild theories about who lied to whome and how Nuki is prioritizing things, please do so somewhere else and do not drive this thread off topic. You’re also free to use competing products. Nobody forces someone to stay with Nuki if you do not like it.

So back to the topic: There is no update that we can publicly communicate regarding HomeKey support within a Nuki product. Once there is one, we’ll share it here as well.


You’re right. And caused by that here are more critical/technical questions than in an average Joe consumer support forum.

Sry if this is inconvenient.

No further questions, your honor.


As a long time customer, I understand. Instead of upgrading from Nuki Lock 2.0 to 4.0 Pro, I will patiently wait for the new Aqara lock.


There is a way to create your own hacky solution sadly it’s no easy retrofit.
Currently it looks like you need an nfc reader
a simple nfc tag will not work.
Hint: It is possible to put an nfc reader on the inside of your door if the door is not too thick and trigger the Nuki via your local integrations
But you need a wired connection for the nfc reader :wink:
No need for an NDA for your home baked solution the protocols involved are known for some time

German blog post with a step by step guide: