Feature Request - Apple ‌iOS 15‌ HomeKit / Home Keys in Apple Wallet feature

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock


Apple new ‌iOS 15 includes a‌ new Home Keys feature where a digital key for HomeKit-enabled door locks can be stored in Apple Wallet (on iPhone and Apple Watch) and easily shared:


HomeKit-enabled door locks that support ‌iOS 15‌’s new Home Keys feature can store a digital key in the Wallet app.

Reason/ Examples

Allows easier sharing of digital keys eg. with guests, cleaners etc without them needing to download the Nuki app.

Avoids reliance on the Nuki app, eg. if the app is broken you can still open the door with the Apple Wallet.

Hi @Juergen. Although I submitted this as a future request, it is my understanding that for locks such as Nuki that are already HomeKit compatible, it should be relatively easy for Nuki to enable Keys in Apple Wallet.

Please could you respond and confirm whether Nuki will be enabling this functionality?

There is another thread about HomeKeys with more information:

Because of confidentiality we can‘t answer more questions about it for the time beeing.

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Hi @Juergen
Do you have any update to share on enabling HomeKeys functionality?
(Understand if what you can share is limited).


Any news regarding HomeKeys? Will it be possible to use this with the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0?


Is there already a tutorial on how to add a Nuki lock to the iPhone IOS Walet and create a HomeKey?

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This would be a great addition. This will impact concurrent smart locks. With Schlage now supporting HomeKit keys I’d pick it over Nuki. We even get a key and keypad along with it and it’s super silent.

I have two Nuki smart locks because I didn’t want to change the lock itself but bothers me not having such features and the lock being a bit loud.


Any news about it?


Please what else we (clients) need to do in order to understand the plans for nuki in regard Homekit develop! Is just crazy that homekit evolve on new ios and nuki not answer us givin any future plan for the diferent request such expose door sensor or homekit keys



I submitted this feature request over 12 months ago. It is now the most up-voted feature request with 115 votes.

Despite repeated prompting from several users eg. @Shawn_Freeman @manu @bojan @burnz it appears that there has been no update from Nuki on what is clearly an important issue to users.

Can you please provide a meaningful update on if Homekeys is on the roadmap or not? To continue ignoring users questions on the matter or not providing a meaningful response is frankly… pretty rude.


I had a response from their Twitter account on this feature, saying to expect an update this fall.

Hopefully this means good news!


Seriously? Do better @Juergen .

Offensive language does not help.

I already stated above that we will have an official announcement once we are able to say more and that there won’t be anything mentioned before. Apple managed to set up a closed ecosystem around NFC. They decide whom they let in or not. We won’t make that process more complicated by breaking non disclosure agreements or leaking informations to the public.

Furthermore we made this forum for you to express your wishes and vote for them because we want to know what you want and want to merge that with our own goals and roadmaps. There is no obligation for Nuki to implement things nor do we comment about our roadmap here in the forum. This have always been the rules of this forum, please respect them.


Thanks a lot @Juergen , your answer is more than complete, no clue why other people expect to hear about any information if there is clearly a NDA in place.

Looking forward for updates! Have a great week


Not to be rude, but the twitter account could communicate an update but you, the product manager, couldn’t? People in this thread are not asking for any confidential, NDA protected information; they are just interested in hearing whether Apple Wallet integration is being considered and if yes, what is the outlook for it. At minimum, its about managing people’s expectations, and as others pointed out, just ignoring the question is highly unprofessional.

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Yes, because this is official communication and as pointed out endless times, there are no news to be broken here in the forum. They are coming through official channels, most likely our blog, but could also be PR or social media or simply a release.

Agreed, but it always comes down to the same answer, which we maybe should write somewhere in bold red letters in the header of each feature request …

Just out of curiosity, do nuki locks have nfc?

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They don’t, just Bluetooth and wifi

A new Keypad with compatibility to HomeKey would be awesome! The kind of thing that I’d pay good money to upgrade hahaha.
My main issue currently is how slow it is to unlock the door, the fastest way is typing on the keypad…

  • Homekit (extremely slow to me, even though I have HomePods everywhere in my place)
  • Siri Shortcuts (Faster but still slow)
  • Home Screen widget (acceptable)
  • Lock Screen widget from Nuki beta app (slow when it works, many times it doesn’t)

I would love to see the Home Key functionality in Germany soon!

However, I would like to use the existing electric door opener in the current door (German: “Summer”). Hence, a NFC reader together with the Nuki Opener would be sufficient for me. I do not need the NUKI Smart Lock attached to the lock.

If NUKI developes a card reader panel for the Home Key functionality I would be one of the first buying it!

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