One Code and No App Download for Smart Hosting Guests

Product name

Smart Hosting


Making the UX for guests as easy as possible.


For each booking Guests receive one code and a link, which gives them access to a web app. In the app you have all the doors the host has granted access to, ready to be used.


the current system can be overwhelming for 1. guests that are uncomfortable with or don’t use apps (e.g. elderly) and 2. for big apartments with many guests and more than one door. Each door has a different code which needs to be allocated manually by the booking guest to each of the other guests. Each guests needs to download the app. So for e.g. 10 guests and two doors, that’s 20 codes! This is a really upsetting experience for guests and it leads to resentment of Nuki and the host.


With a web app with one code per booking there is no need for downloads, and no need to generate and send or distribute several codes per guest. The steps for users to use the product are reduced by a multifold! Happy users will enjoy the Nuki process and are much more likely to give a positive review and consider Nuki for their own apartments.